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Dessie: five people killed in grenade attack in a police station


Ethiopia _ Dessie
Northern part of Dessie city where the incident happened ( photo : SM)


Five people were reportedly killed in Dessie, a city about 400 kilometers north of Addis Ababa, in a police station.

The city’s communication affairs office said suspects in homicide cases who were under investigation by the fourth police division in the city threw a grenade in the investigation unit. 

According to the office, four suspects in the case of homicide and convicts who were sentenced to 25 years in prison attempted to enter the city administration to launch an attack. 

However, they were captured around 4:00 P.M. with a joint operation from South Wollo Police and Dessie City Administration and later taken to the fourth police division in the city. 

Police ordered the outlaws (suspects) to disarm but they did not comply. Instead, they exploded the grenade they had in the investigation room claiming five lives including one of the suspects, according to the news update from the city administration. 

Commander Asamen Mulat, head of the police department in the city, reportedly said one regular police and one special police were killed in the attack. 

The information from the city administration is a little murky as it does not seem to inform how the suspects managed to carry a grenade to the police station where they were detained. 


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  1. So let’s get this story straight. Suspects and convicts are now carrying grenades in Ethiopia. Wow, Abiy the carnival barker and his Oromumma PP never cease to amaze and amuse. This is the circus of PP on display by the PP circus monkeys. What is the cost of entrance for this clown show????

  2. tplf sympathizers and other losers are on a disturbance spree freely paid for by renegade egypt and maybe western hoodlums and shane misfits. Why do they destroy human lives as if they are going to resurrect after miserable dying (400 K lost in the last senseless war just to appease tplf criminals to flee accountability …). But justice will prevail on killers


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