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Ethiopian Election Board seeks 6.94 billion birr for next year

The allocation from the Ministry of finance is much lower but higher if seen from the point of view budget cap 

Bertukan Mideksa, Chairperson of the NEBE, speaking during an event organised, in April 2022,  to reflect on the findings from the Sixth General Election (Photo : NEBE FB) 


The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has reportedly requested a 6.94 billion birr budget for next year. The inflated budgetary request is explained in terms of the local election to be undertaken next year. 

The Ministry of Finance, however, allowed the Election Board only 3.52 percent of what NEBE asked for, according to a report by the Ethiopian Reporter. 

That amounts to only 212 million birr of the requested budget. 

It was during a parliamentary appearance about three weeks ago that the NEBE proposed the 6.94 billion birr budget to the Finance and Budget Standing Committee in the parliament. 

The source added that 9,18.4 million birr was to be funded by “partner organisations,” and the remaining 6.02 billion birr was to be covered by the government budget.  

It appears that the bulk of the proposed budget was intended to finance local elections which the NEBE plans to undertake next year. 

It has plans to organise local elections in 847 districts and 56, 373 voting stations. 

Furthermore, it is said that the Election Board anticipates 44.4 million voters will take part in the election. 

Apart from administering local elections, the Board is planning to organise elections in the parts of the country where the 6th general election did not take place [due to security and logistical reasons]. 

NEBE also claims that part of the budget is needed to modernise information management and build institutional human resources. 

For the Ministry of Finance, the budget allowed to the NEBE is higher than the cap on the budget which is said to be 139.99 billion birr. 

Ethiopia’s proposed budget for next year is said to have been informed by the assumption that the conflict in the northern part of the country will be ended.

 The proposed budget is poised to incur well over a 200 billion birr deficit.  


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  1. What for? To ensure another 97.2% win by Oromumma PP dictators and oppressors led by Abiy The Terrible?

    The undeniable trajectory of PP now realized by many, previously gullible but decent Ethiopians and the bitter truth pill every sane Ethiopian has now swallows is the admission that an Ethiopia that ensures the right to liberty, dignity, happiness and equality before the law for all Ethiopians regardless of place of birth,mother tongue, ethnicity and religion WILL NOT BE REALIZED ON THE WATCH OF THE DUPLICITOUS OROMUMMA DICTAOR ABIY THE TERRIBLE.

    By now most Ethiopians who are anchored on reason, logic and facts and reality on the ground have been disabused of the notion of Abiy transforming into a statesman. The fall from grace for Abiy has been so precipitous, sudden and so unceremonious. Most Ethiopians have now moved on and left the impostor to swim in this filthy quagmire of his own making.


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