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Ethiopia’s Chief of Staff of the Defence Force visited Turkey 

Ethiopia’s Defence Chief of Staff , Feild Marshal Berhanu Jula, shakes hand with Turkish Defence Minister, Hulusi Akar ( Photo : FDRE Defense Force)


Ethiopia’s Defence Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhan Jula, on Tuesday met with his Turkish counterpart, Yaşar Güler,  in Ankara. He also met with the Defence Minister, Hulusi Akar , according to Ethiopian government sources. 

He led a delegation to attend Turkey’s military drill, which is said to be the largest in its history. More than 1000 service men from 37 countries attended the event , and tens of thousands of Turkish Forces – naval, ground and air force took part in it. 

Apart from attending the military drill event, Berhanu Jula had discussion on ways of strengthening military cooperation between the two countries. 

In August 2021, Ethiopia and Turkey signed a military cooperation agreement when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was visiting Ankara. Also, Turkey has billions of dollars of investment in Ethiopia. 

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Adem Mohammed, has served as chief of the Ethiopian Air Force and as Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force – perhaps an indication of the degree of Ethiopia’s interest in military cooperation with Turkey. 


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  1. Embarrassing era for Ethiopia when Ethiopia is represented by the 0 IQ so called Field Marshall Berhanu Jula that quits and run away from TPLF war.

    When the real brave fighters who were seen moving from place to place fighting have not been awarded for such bravery and contribution awarding Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s grade to Berhanu Jula who disappeared from the war from early on makes this honorable award so cheap!

    Fannos and all concerned Amharas watch out for the mendacious Oromummua Abiy’s Dirty scheme that never take rest against Amhara. Abiy is selling Amhara and Ethiopia for his power and ;for begging money from UAE!!


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