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Geez Bible published in China, ready for distribution 

(His eminence Abune Kewustos (center) reads inaugurated geez translation of the Bible (Photo : EOTC TV) 


Geez Bible the Ethiopian Bible Society published is inaugurated this week. It was inaugurated on Sunday in a ceremony organised at Bole Debreselam Medhanialem Church. 

His Holiness Patriarch Abune Mathias, Department Heads from the patriarchate, members of the Liqawunt council, and heads of monasteries and churches, among others, attended the ceremony – according to a report by Ethiopian Orthodox Church TV. 

It took several years to complete the translation of the Bible into Geez, an ancient Ethiopian language that is widely used in the Ethiopian Church services. The bulk of the Ethiopian Church’s ancient books are written in the Geez language. 

The Council of Liqawunt [ it is the highest body of the church on matters of theological knowledge in the church] has contributed the bulk of the effort in the publication of Geez’s version of the Bible, according to the source. 

There had been debates in the course of translation work in what appears to be an effort to keep the message in the Holy book intact. 

Geez Bible _ Ethiopia
His Holiness Abune Mathias patriarch of Ethiopia blesses contributors to the translation work (Photo : EOTC TV) 

The report by ETOC TV noted that the late His Holiness Abune Paulos Patriarch of Ethiopia had an extensive contribution in terms of translating and publishing holy books. 

The new Geez bible was published in China. It is indicated that the cost of publishing it was challenging. 

It is now ready for distribution at a cost of 300 Ethiopian birr ( which is under $6 USD ) 

The Ethiopian Church uses a bible that contains 81 books as opposed to 66 books which are widely used in the Protestant religious traditions in the western world.

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  1. QUOTE: “The new Geez bible was published in China” UNQUOTE

    Subject: Publication of a Book in China

    Why not in Ethiopia???????
    PLEASE, does Ethiopia has to be subservient in all things in Life????
    Why can’t a book be published in Ethiopia???????
    ETHIOPIA is the oldest free iINDEPENDENT country around the Globe, for seemingly time immemorial
    For Heaven’s sake, surely Ethiopia can print a book, without running to China.
    Why can’t Ethiopia LIVE UP to its glories history and pride to be INDEPENDENT in its affairs.?????
    Am I missing something ???????

    • Ethiopia just sucks. Just imagine the IQ gap between the average illiterate Ethiopian and the average Chinese citizen. No comparison.

      Our history won’t help our future. Ethiopians need to stop living in the past and start living in the 21st century. Maybe we are cursed lol.

    • Hello Rezen. After doing some research, I can add the following: The Ge’ez Bible was printed by the Amity Printing Co. (APC) in Jiangsu, China. What should be noted is that this business has printed the largest amount of bibles ever to be printed by one company – 200 million. This does not specifically concern Ethiopian Bibles, but Bibles in all languages in the world, mostly commissioned by local Bible Societies (such as the Ethiopian Bible Society, in this case). One of the reasons behind the success of this company is that Bible Societies want their editions to be published at a very low price. It is indeed quite surprising, and shocking, that they do not hesitate to resort to a Chinese company (although it is well known that China does not like its Christians), but this does not seem to be a problem that has arisen from one single decision.

      In this respect, I think that the problem has not so much to do with Ethiopia. In the best case, this Bible might help to raise awareness of the fact that Ethiopia has one of the oldest and most rich literary traditions in the world.


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