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Ethiopia, Uganda reaffirm commitment to scale up relations


Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda, Alemtshay Meseret, and Uganda’s Minister of Defense of Uganda, Vincent Ssempijja, along with military officers (Photo : MFAE)


Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Alemtshay Meseret, had a meeting with the Minister of Defense of Uganda, Vincent Ssempijja, about regional and bilateral issues of common concerns.

The Ambassador recalled the cooperation between the two countries in fighting extremism and terrorism in Somalia and South Sudan, further stressing Ethiopia’s readiness to maintain and strengthen the spirit of such cooperation.

She also briefed him about the peace-building measures taken by the government of Ethiopia and the humanitarian truce that facilitated unfettered flow of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region.

However, the TPLF is warming up to launch another round of conflict, threatening all the encouraging steps taken towards peace, she added.

The Defense Minister, on his part, recalled the commendable relationships between the two countries, which set its foundation in shared values of Pan-Africanism.

Uganda values its brotherly and friendly relationships with Ethiopia and will not open its doors to anti-peace elements in Ethiopia, he said.

The two sides also noted agreements to strengthen ties in exchanging information, to take part in military training, to cooperate in technology transfer, and hold a technical-level meeting in Addis Ababa to meet such objectives.

Ugandan diplomatic and legal officers and military attachés from the Ethiopian Embassy joined the meeting.


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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia, Uganda reaffirm commitment to scale up relations” MFAE, June 2, 2022

    Humble Question
    Where were we all the past years and years and years…..?????
    Indeed, WE BLACK AFRICANS DESERVE what we have been labeled by colonial forces .
    WE PURE HEARTED AFRICANS have double skin — very, and deeply, sorry to say so.
    Will the “Ethiopia, Ugandan commitment” have any positive result? PLEAE BE HONEST & TO YOURSELF.
    We should know ourselves by now. Why do we keep on cheating ourselves?!?!?!?!? A MYSTERY.

  2. For someone chillin’ in a shotgun house standing on all glass walls shouldn’t be the first one to lob the first stone at others standing outside. It would be just foolish. Wise move by Museveni.


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