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U.S. Congressman aims for enhanced Ethiopia-US cooperation on intelligence and information sharing 

John Trent Kelly, U.S. Congressman from Mississippi, led a delegation to Ethiopia. He met with Ethiopia’s intelligence director with whom he discussed cooperation 

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John Trent Kelly led U.S. delegation poses for a picture with Director of Ethiopia’s Intelligence (Photo : ENA) 


Last year, the United States was issuing statement after statement condemning Ethiopia and introduced all sorts of sanctions only because the Ethiopian government, due to pressure from the public, wanted to carry on with the military response to TPLF’s attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force. 

As it turns out, Abiy Ahmed’s government could not stand its ground and was appeasing the United States since the start of this year.  His government released Sebhat Nega and other key TPLF officials, who were captured during a military operation in January 2021, just a day after a reported phone call from U.S. president Joe Biden. 

Some of the U.S. demands were the withdrawal of Amhara region special forces from the Wolkiet region of Gondar which the U.S. calls “Western Tigray” – in a way endorsing irredentist territorial claims of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

Since then the U.S. influence over Ethiopia started to rise again. Perhaps, the $300 million dollars World Bank grant to Ethiopia under the guise of reconstruction of war-affected areas would not have been possible without U.S. government support. 

Today Ethiopian State media reported that John Trent Kelly, a U.S. congressman who is visiting Ethiopia, vowed to do his part to enhance cooperation in intelligence and information sharing.  The congressman actually led a delegation. 

He, along with the U.S. acting Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson, visited Ethiopia’s intelligence office and had a conversation with Temesgen Tiruneh, Director of the Agency. 

It came at a time when the Ethiopian government is mounting a crackdown on journalists, some politicians, and FANO, a volunteer militia force in the Amhara region that played a crucial role in reversing the TPLF invasion of the region. 

“Ethiopia and The U.S. have a long-standing partnership in intelligence and information sharing, especially in the area of preventing terrorism and cross-border crimes,” Congressman John Kelly is cited as saying. 

Furthermore, he expressed his views that Ethiopia and United States are working together to mitigate “terrorism like international threats,” as reported by ENA. 

Ethiopia’s Intelligence Director, Temesgen Tiruneh, also spoke passionately about the U.S. – Ethiopia cooperation in intelligence and information sharing. He also talked about the diplomatic history of the two countries. 

Ethiopia’s intelligence Director had a similar conversation with Russia and Israel before. 

The U.S. The Embassy has organised “a special digital press briefing with Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba to discuss the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine ” which will take place on June 2. 

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  2. Hi!

    After what the White Supremacist West [WSW] and Egypt put Ethiopia through over the past few years, Ethio-WSW relations will never ever be the same again. Ethiopia should devise means to end its dependence on the WSW: Aid, Currency $, € WB, IMF, etc.

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    • Hi, Dejay!

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