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Ethiopian opposition parties concerned over plots on Addis Ababa


Three Ethiopian opposition parties see what they call a plot (political and security) against Addis Ababa. The city is looking like an exclusive property of few, they said 

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Arat Kilo, Addis Ababa ( Photo : SM)


Three opposition parties on Tuesday issued a joint statement in reaction to the political, economic, and security situation in the country. 

ENAT Party, All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP), and Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP) criticised the government for failing to address the root cause of the political problem in the country which is also manifesting itself in the form of the security crisis, among others.

They opposed the crackdown in the country. They see  “law and order” as the key to lead a nation, not crackdown and stifling opposition voices. 

For the parties, the ethnic identity-based administrative structure is the root of all problems in the country and the government has failed to address it. Because of that, said the parties, the country is increasingly looking as if it is a fortune of few groups.  Ethiopian local news sources reported recently that there was an attempt to hoist the Oromo region flag in schools in Addis Ababa and introduce a new anthem to be used in lieu of  the Ethiopian National anthem.   

The political and security assessment of the parties, based on the statement they issued, as it relates to Addis Ababa is even more stern.  “Plot” is the word they used to describe what the government ( apparently Federal and city level) is doing against the city. 

Politically, it sees an attempt to impose a new identity on students in Addis Ababa to the point that the teaching and learning process is impacted negatively. However, the parties did not name as to who is doing that. 

From previous coverage on borkena, the dominant political force within the ruling Prosperity Party which traces its origin from what used to be the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO), at least on the surface as some within the organisation were presumed to be members of the radical Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which later became Oromo Democratic Party a little before the formation of Prosperity Party was claiming exclusive ownership status over Addis Ababa.  

Partisan distribution of housing units, deliberate demolition of heritage structures with impunity, land grabbing, and harassment of residents by security forces are also the issues that the three parties raised in their statement.  The city is increasingly becoming as if it is the exclusive property of certain groups, according to the statement. 

A finger is pointed, it seemed, at the government without spelling out details of partisanship and discriminatory practices, and who is implementing them.  

A Statement by Balderas Ethiopia which came out a few weeks ago was bold to call Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government as OPDO government. 

The three parties also talked about the rising crime rate in Addis Ababa, a city that used to be one of the peaceful cities in the continent and beyond, to the point that people are being gunned down in broad daylight. 

Furthermore, the statement talked about the economic hardship that many Ethiopians are living through. 

Regarding the economy of the country, the parties said “Ethiopia does not have an economic shoulder that is capable of accommodating another war.”  

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  1. The so called PM Abiy has failed to transform himself and the office he occupies to that of a statesman. The Oromumma grandeur of illusion and fanaticism this impostor holds dear to his heart is the albatross around his neck he wears day in day out 24-7.That is why he has bowed down and prostrated himself before his militant wing of the Oromumma PP, he cannot rise up, he cannot stand with his head up as a proud PM of all Ethiopians. He is a petty, puny and narrow minded Oromumma fanatic after all. He talks and talks often, loquacious, non stop, but his actions speak louder than his imbecilic words. The four years of his misery and mayhem, chaos, displacements of millions, massacre of thousands, are the legacy of this impostor. There is nothing he can do about it now. The emperor has no clothes. He is exposed, his bigotry, his favoritism, his biased Oromumma thumb always on the scale of justice, corrupting the rule of law, violating the dignity of humanity are all now in the open for all to see.
    The concept of justice, the supremacy of the rule of law and the inviolability of the human spirit are all notions foreign and antithetical to this individual called Abiy. He has no moral compass, and overwhelmingly is divulging his unethical nature. One cannot see how anything good or useful can be expected from this impostor anymore.

  2. I am once again saddened after reading this article. I never thought I will live long enough to hear the old country I left behind would rather choose the uncovering of old wounds instead of healing them. I never had the chance and privilege to live in Addis/Finfine except a few brief stays as a tourist during my college years. But I knew then and know it now that that city is not the seat of the national government only but also the capital of Africa well before 1963. It was an impenetrable base for so many liberation front as they were fighting the evils of colonialism. That was where they told the bigoted colonialists ‘Before your empire was, I AM!!!! Before The Berlin Conference was, I AM!!!!’ I am saddened to see it being dragged through the filthy mud of ethnic politics. It is so disheartening.

  3. It is good to hear that they are alive as a party lol but non of them understand or they don’t want to understand our situation since they are driven by emotion and hanger for power, which is going away from them each and everyday due to their own luck of wisdom and knowledge regarding our current politics. Abo i want all of them in jail, we should not let these types of obstacles here and there while Ethiopia needs people who can work and change our situation, these guys are only good for complain, ASHMUR, KENAT and … at list someone wrote an article for them…. paaa

  4. Freedom to all 7500+ imprisoned, abducted, kidnapped Amhara elites, Fannos, journalists, Special Forces who refused to shoot their people, and all political opponents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who is still new for the Oromumma plot? OPDO, Oromumma lead by PM Abiy the Terrible, is not shy or have any concern for the upholding the rule of law or discipline. He has set the tone for OLF, Shene or any Oromummua thugs to rampage and loot everything and anything that belongs to Amhara and other hard working people. There is no need to go somewhere else when the tone is already set from the top. That is why Abiy Ahmed as the leader of the country never comes out to condemn the atrocities of innocent men, women and children Amharas massacre by OLF/Shene in Oromia Zone.

    Also when the real man hunt should have been in Oromia zone searching for the well armed Terrorists Jalmaro and the parading and training camps of Terrorist OLF/Shene, he sent Oromo troops to Amhara Zone to continue the massacre that he couldn’t do in Oromia zone.

    The country that is known for peace, harmony and respect for the rule of laws and regulation today is known for burning people alive, Genocide, ruthless savagery all aid and abated by the old wrecked or disabled goons of PP formerly known as EPRDF.

    The clear plot is removing Amharas from their places either by force or destructions of the ways of live. Such as murdering, abducting, kidnapping, destroying their houses, infrastructures and looting unless Amharas started doing the same thing until the pain and hurt is felt from the terrorizer side.

    • What can you say, all these prisoners’ felt they are some type of heroes for insulting the government, for misunderstanding and explaining anything government introduces in their own bad and twisted ways, just like you used the word Oromumma at a wrong place multiple times since it has nothing to do with suspected criminals. Most of them already committed lots of crimes in different ways if government wanted to arrest them long time ago. To be honest, I like people who oppose gov’t when gov’t is at fault but adapting opposition as a job and try to look a hero while destroying others will get you to jail faster.
      You said “The country that is known for peace, harmony and respect for the rule of laws and regulation today is known for burning people alive, Genocide, ruthless savagery”
      When did we have that great era?

  5. Within this article there is one paragraph that I found it to be devoid of ocular proof which reads:
    ‘From previous coverage on borkena, the dominant political force within the ruling Prosperity Party which traces its origin from what used to be the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO), at least on the surface as some within the organisation were presumed to be members of the radical Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which later became Oromo Democratic Party a little before the formation of Prosperity Party was claiming exclusive ownership status over Addis Ababa.’

    It tries to claim that every or ‘some’ Oromo member of the ruling party was once a member of the OLF because they all came from the ‘former’ OPDO. Facts in history tells us a different story that OPDO was created by the late PM Meles and his group using Oromo prisoners of war to counter OLF. After every riff raff marched into Addis/Finfine in 1991 it did not take too long for a deadly squabble to erupt between the rogues. OLF went on to show its killing ‘skills’ by murdering innocent and poor peasants. War was declared on the OLF and OPDO was in the frontline in that short-lived brouhaha. It was OPDO soldiers who knew the ins and outs of the Oromia region where they were born and grew up. TPLF soldiers would have no clue which way is up in Oromia. That included the Amhara region and you can verify that with those who later became ‘refugees’ and now live among us. Some people get confused believing that TPLF soldiers were in the frontlines fighting the OLF during the short lived faceoff in 1992-94. Yes the commanders in the field might have been those born to Tigre parents but the fighting, sweeping up and rounding up task were carried out by OPDA soldiers. There was blood feud between OPDO and OLF then and OLA is still targeting and murdering ODP members. It is utterly wrong to assume every or ‘some’ Oromo is a member or sympathizer of the OLF or OLA. There are those of us who are proud of our Oromo heritage. We believe relegations and improprieties were committed. Will that make us OLF members even though we strongly believe old wounds can only be healed through sensible dialogue and peaceful means? Come, come dear countrymen/women! Come, come!!!!!

    Now I have a homework for those who scribbled this paragraph. I am asking you to list down the name of every leader of the current OPD and tell us who and when he/she was/became a member of the OLF. That is your assignment. Otherwise false accusation is one facet of conspiracy theory. Such reckless false charges will open new wounds. They make the jobs of many of us who toil to maintain the social fabric that helped keep us together for centuries very difficult if not impossible. I call upon the good folk editors of this esteemed website to keep away such reckless and unfounded accusations. Let’s not be the victims of the same fallacy we have been accusing the current and previous governments of. They all had jam packed their filthy prisons with citizens they ‘suspected’ of being members/sympathizers of this or that group they didn’t/don’t like.

  6. The Oromuma animosity and plot now has gone out of control and reached to the point of impossible to take it back.
    Every Ethiopians has now known how the Oromumas are out to get and loot them. The formation of OLF was not for equality but to impose and convert Ethiopians into Oromos and destroying Amhara and Ethiopians cultures,.
    There is absolutely nothing good to expect from Abiy the Terrible except for the worse. Abiy is the head of the problem.

    If one has heard Abiy’s and his women pastor prayer, her mouth was spitting vile oaths and curses on those who political oppositions. The prayer was long and boring and every word and sentence was filled with offensive words in anger to inflict harm and punishment on those who do not support him or would not succumb to Abiy’s dirty tricks.. It was also about how to keep him in power. The pastor continuously kept on rumbling curse and evil wishes on whomever opposes and stands on Abiy’s way. It was all curse after curse and no prayer of blessing and good wishes for the people and the country. Abiy was saying Amen, Amen, amen during and after every curse.

    He has no moral encompass and has no purpose except destroying Addis Ababa long term residents and splurging and indulging himself in his evil childhood wishes at the expense of Addis Ababa residents, Amhara victims of his war and Ethiopians. The hate and plot that has been kept deep in his heart is now coming out with creations of many destructions and crime against Amharas.

  7. Does the Devil know itself? Who do u think r u, and everybody else? Y do u think G is silent? U think she doesn’t hear the baby crying? And What A BABY! Such INNOCense!!


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