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TPLF accuses Eritrea of shelling Sheraro town 

About a week or so ago local news providers had reported that TPLF suffered a loss in Adi Awalla after attesting to engage Eritrea militarily. Sheraro is in the North West of Tigray


The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) on Monday accused Eritrea of shelling Sheraro town, a border town in the North West of the region.

It said that Eritrea had been shelling Sheraro for two days starting on Saturday. 

Tigray regional state said in a statement that the shelling has affected civilians, as reported by Wazema Radio. 

Based on the report from the source, the TPLF leaders seem to insinuate that the new offensive from Eritrea is meant to be a retaliation for what it calls losses the Eritrean forces suffered on May 24 in the Adi Awuala area of the Tigray region. 

Getachew Reda, TPLF communication and PR, made claims of victory over Eritrean troops. He wrote on Twitter : 

“An offensive launched by Eritrea’s 57th and 21st divisions on the 24th of May was thwarted and the units deployed by the Isaias regime decimated after a successful counteroffensive by our forces around AdiAwalla, Tigray. A brigade commander, three battalion commanders and more than 300 soldiers were killed and wounded. Many weapons and materiel was also captured. As part of their desperate attempt to escalate the tension and drag us into more action, they shelled Sheraro in the 28th and 29th of May. It is clear that the regime will stop at nothing to drag the region into an interminable conflict and sabotage in real or perceived effort at peace. It behooves the International community to exert pressure on the regime to reverse course while reiterating our unwillingness to let the regime prolong the suffering of our people! ”  

There were rumours that the TPLF forces suffered a heavy loss as they attempted to test the water in the areas they call “Western Tigray.” 

The Eritrean government did not respond to TPLF’s claim of victory in AdiAwalla. 

Earlier this month, the Eritrean government issued a statement, for the first time in a long time, saying that the TPLF is mobilising for total war with the aim to tamper with the Eritrean sovereignty and that it said Eritrea has a right to defend itself. 

The TPLF leaders have been mobilising for a new round of war amid growing anti-war voices even in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Ethnic Tigray opposition parties, operating in the region,  recently accused the TPLF of failing to solve the crisis in the region. 


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  1. I had said this before and I will say it again today. This conflict will not come to a peaceful end through war. Eritrea is a sovereign state with internationally recognized area of a territory. It is duty bound to protect its territory and the safety of its people. This is a fact no matter how we see it as a country. It seems that the leaders of the TPLF are itching again for bloodbath and destruction. As all Marxist/Leninist pukes they strive on violence and famine. They know very well that they had committed atrocities on Innocent civilians that meet the criteria of crimes against humanity. They also know that such crimes will some day be taken up by the court at The Hague. So they will keep milking this conflict till WWIII after which no human will still be left standing on this good earth. They will keep poking and nudging everyone around in provocation. If no one buys into that they will even fight their own shadows. That has been in the resume of all violence worshipping deresas of Marxism/Leninism. On the other side of Debre’s fence the Abiy folks are extremely busy these days and they don’t have time to talk to you. They are running out of breath in a rush herding journalists into filthy prisons. It is reported that they are jamming 100 of such prisoners in a room made to hold only 10. That is not right tantamount to terrorizing citizens. That is one of the habits of Africa that made it an expert in recycling. I’m very disappointed by such violations of human rights. Hostile external/internal elements/forces this and that? Just stifle! Just zip it!!!

  2. In its provocative actions, the TPLF is miscalculating because the Eritrean government is of such a kind that will not stop short of neutralizing it. The TPLF is like the `mouse that wanted to die and went to the nose of a cat` as the Ethiopian adage says.
    Its hoped support from the United States (Biden administration) may not come in the case of Eritrean hit backs. I always feel sorry for the Tigray people whom the TPLF drives into the war fields and die en masse.

  3. QUOTE: ” I always feel sorry for the Tigray people” UNQUOTE by Ebanesso

    I do too! I do too! I do too!
    The poor Tigray people are knocked left and right, top and bottom and at forty five degree angle. What an “existence”!!!!
    I am not talking about “living”. And what is the reaction of the culprits??? Kill, Kill, Kill …… until satisfied with their personal inherent desire for their life. It is AFRICA sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, AND ALWAYS sad ……… when was the last time that our dear AFRICA smiled and laughed with happiness. Go to history books, hoping they are not burned into ashes.
    Oh. by the way, I never learned about African history in my entire life. But in the ………………….never mind. THE END


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