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The Entire Belief System of the West is Put to an Acid Test 

The West _ The U.S.
Credit : European parliament

By Samuel Estefanous

One of the sacred rules of international relations which has been valued, respected and honored beginning from ancient times is the principle of the inviolability of the person, the premises and the pouch of diplomats and diplomatic missions. This ancient wisdom of the civilized world was given prominence when it was reduced to a written convention and was made mandatory to all members of the United Nations by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations in 1961.   

One of the charges of an alleged act of barbarism leveled at our own Theodros II by the British was the fact that he had broken the fundamental corner stone of the principles of international relations when he slipped the cuffs on the hands of Consul Cameron. In one of the letters addressed to the Emperor in the name of Queen Victoria, the officers of the Colonial and Commonwealth Office actually tried to familiarize Theodros with the ABCs of the rules international Sovereign relations intimating that the person of Consul Cameron was inviolable on account of his being representative of the full power and glory of her Majesty’s government. 

However recent coordinated incident targeting Russian Diplomats and missions in NATO countries proves that the leaders of the host Nations aren’t any better civilized. A few weeks ago, the head of the Russian Federation Diplomatic Mission in Warsaw, Ambassador Sergey Andreev was beaten up in broad day light at an official event commemorating the end of the Second World War by a bunch of hooligans. 

Following the incident, one would naturally assume that Poland would feel humiliated by the savage act of great indecency perpetrated on its soil. Some even suggested that it was a foul play staged by FSB (the Russian Secret Services) to disgrace Poland until the government spokesman appeared on state television and proudly declared that the act of the hooligans was “understandable” and no charges would be pressed. 

If anything remotely like that had happened in Africa, Western journalists would have unmitigated field day filing in reports alluding to our being ever ‘shithole countries’. Again one may argue that such blatant outrageous act of international blunder wouldn’t take place in any established Western country and that Poland is just one of the whitewashed Soros pseudo Western countries yet to extricate itself from a state of savagery itself.

Not really, actually the so called established Western Democracies are committing more heinous acts of savagery worse than Poland. 

1-Using sporting events and tournaments as a weapon of war.

Sport is believed to be a benevolent medium of promoting peace, egalitarianism, humanity and global outreach beyond politics and above the mundane private interests of any individual country or community of states. The IOC was founded on the three bedrock principles of friendship, excellence and respect for the human person and the human race.

International sporting events are used to induce, promote and celebrate friendship and respect among and between the wider family of states and individuals. It is a peace and friendship medium used to counteract the poison of political bickering among Nations, to diffuse the lethal poison of animosity and hatred preached by the false prophets of Nationalism.

We have been hearing the promotion of these noble causes by hosts of international sports federations and associations all our lives. The IOC staged the 22nd Olympiad at the heart and mecca of Communism-Moscow- irrespective of the protest and outcry of Western powers at the height of the cold war. Four years later, true to its mission, it allowed Los Angles to host the 23rd Olympiad disregarding the counter protest of Marxist countries including our own.

But these days the IOC sounds and acts like NATO does. Caving in to the pressure of the West and the sponsoring fortune 500 Companies, it is transformed in to a political venue which choses to punish ‘selected’ Sovereign Nations by forbidding its athletes to carry their National flags. Adding insult to injury, on its own initiative it has recommended banning Russia from all IOC sporting events and tournaments. The IOC and the Paralympics Committee have openly joined the Western hybrid military alliance against the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. 

FIFA and UEFA have suspended the Russian National team and Clubs as well as Russian turfs from hosting international games as almost all international and European Associations and Federations of different sports did. 

The only challenge came from participants of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. The Organizers suspended all Russian and Belorussian players including the seconded seeded Daniil Medvedev. The reason given was short and unabashed-Medvedev is Russian and he is guilty by association even though he has been foreign domiciled half his life. The kudos goes to Novak Djokovic and friends.

2-Culturally Ostracizing Russia

Isolating, segregating, dispossessing and liquidating ethnic Russians across the board has become the norm in the West. Recently a confirmed anti Putin film director was turned away from the venue of the Cannes Film Festival.  He was deliberately humiliated and made to feel rejected in public before his peers and the glaring sea of television cameras.  

He tried to explain that his fellow artists, the media, the event sponsors and organizers are well of his track record in opposing the war in the Ukraine in particular and Putin’s Russia in general. He was told in plain terms that that wasn’t the point; he was plainly informed that there is one and only problem-he is an unapologetic Russian. You know unlike movie stars like Mila Kunis who has disowned her beloved Russia to placate Western opinion makers and media moguls. She sounded pathetic when she related how difficult it was for her to ‘reengineer’ he identity of her kids under duress. 

Incidentally, what made the Cannes incident coarse and uncivilized was the fact that the director of the Festival held an extraordinary press briefing bragging about doing his fair share in supporting the Ukrainians by humiliating a Russian.

One of the scars Hollywood would never be able to ignore or forget is the witch hunt the House Un-American Activity Committee alias McCarthyism had unleashed on it a couple of decades ago.

It was a horrible red scare and hunt that had thrown America back to the witch hunting era of the times of the early first settlers around the New England states. When one reads about the barbarism of McCarthyism, I am sure he would be baffled to learn that it had happened after the Second World War and in the modern era of our own times. In the brutal methods the Committee employed to blackmail and ostracize the actors who had refused to falsely implicate their fellow actors, directors and producers; it was reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition of the middle ages. 

The ghosts of McCarthyism are re- haunting the film industry one more time. No wonder the West, particularly America, suffers from a deep seated Russo phobia that makes it act in an erratic irrational and childish manner towards Russia and the Russians.

I wouldn’t be surprised if strings of grand book burning events are held on the streets of Warsaw, Riga and Lviv to begin with and extended to Paris, London and New York.   

3-Life, Property and the free Pursuit of Happiness.

The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that no person may be deprived of his private property without due process of law and  fair procedure. 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights alias the Common Constitution of the human race patently declares that no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property and the Supreme Court of the United States accepts the right as a self-evident truth.

One of the reasons Western journalists mocked Edi Amin as a lunatic was his summary confiscation of the private property of Ugandan residents of South Asian origin.  The Dergue was declared unworthy of membership in the community of civilized Nations after the 1974 Revolution because among other failures it had expropriated private property without due process and compensation. A number of Countries in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America were thus condemned as Dictatorships on these grounds. 

But these days EU leaders and the alleged chief of the ‘Free world’ -President of the United States- as well as the former dishonest news reporter turned Premier of the UK are confiscating private prosperities of ethnic Russians. This kinda reminds me the cultural roots of National Socialism as thoroughly discussed by Alan Shirer in his extensive study of the subject in his book the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. According to him Nazism isn’t an aberration of a disorient man. Nazism is the product of Western Civilization and every Western democracy harbors the seed that could possibly germinate it under ‘favorable’ conditions.

God Bless.     

The writer can be reached at estefanoussamuel@yahoo.com 


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    • if there is indeed such a word or phrase as ‘Russophobic’…the designation is unerring…it is a reference to the West, Ambassador Andreev was physically assaulted- he was beaten…does it matter if a fist or an object is used?
      Amin is a lunatic…so is Trump, so is the walking corpse Biden, the bloodstained Blaire and Johnson.
      Every African leader imagines himself doing what Amin did in fact… pissing the West off in all ways and manners possible… according to William Shirer the West bequeathed Nazism to the world…so Africa counter offered Amin to the rest of the World.

  1. Subject: “The Entire Belief System of the West is Put to an Acid Test”, By Samuel Estefanous, May 29, 2022

    Humble Comment, 1 June 2022
    It does NOT matter what we say and write about the WEST. They will always be themselves. and they are the winners.
    How about WE BLACK AFRICANS ???? Will we be our natural self???? And what is our “natural” trait? I am heading to a dangerous area of Africans. I am scared — even being by myself with my dear computer. I better STOP & it has always been my trait — scare to death with something that I cannot explain. I STOP


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