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Alert : unconfirmed report that PM Abiy met with TPLF leaders in Nigeria 


Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed reportedly met with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) delegates in Nigeria 

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari (Photo credit : OPM)


This week Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led a delegation to Nigeria. Ethiopian State Media and other media outlets, including from Nigeria, depicted the nature of his trip as something that aims to bolster bilateral relations between the two countries in the areas of economy, trade, science and technology, and the mining sector, among others. 

There seems to be more into his trip to Nigeria this week. Borkena has received information, which could not be verified from other sources due to the confidentiality of the matter, that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has met with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders. 

The source added that TPLF sent a delegation to Nigeria for the talk.  Berhane Gebre-Kirstos of TPLF, a former executive member and Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S. and later to the European Union, represented the TPLF in the reported secret negotiation in Nigeria. He is, currently, said to be TPLF representative entrusted in diplomatic matters, among others.

Furthermore, the source added that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has agreed to most of the TPLF demands including ceding a portion of Wolkait to the TPLF.  Abiy is said to get political support from TPLF in exchange for his offer. The status of Addis Ababa is said to be another issue. The Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) which evolved into the Oromo Democratic Party and later the master of Prosperity Party which was crafted from ethnic-based organisations and support parties that used to part of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF) with the exception of the TPLF. 

Borkena is still working on verifying the information. 

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, African Union envoy to the Horn of Africa, had been shuttling between Addis Ababa and Mekelle with the aim to facilitate talk with the TPLF. 

The United States and the European Union had been putting pressure on Ethiopia with tacit support to the TPLF. One of the demands that the United States has been pushing for was the removal of Amara regional forces from what the TPLF calls Western Tigray. 

Amhara regional state, apparently with orders from the Federal government, has been undertaking what it called “law enforcement operation” in the region. 

Authorities in the region have confirmed that over 4500 people, including the former commander of  Amhara Region Special Forces – Brigadier General Tefera Mamo, are arrested. 

There has been extensive criticism of government action, on social media, that the alleged law enforcement operation in the region targeted activists, critical voices, and FANO, a volunteer group in the region that was instrumental in reversing the TPLF invasion of the region and Afar region. 

A new gun registry regulation was introduced too. 

The regional government claims that its “law enforcement” operation is targeting “criminals” who are operating in the region under the cover of FANO. 


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  1. This “received information” sounds like bogus to me. Abiy Ahmed’s whole policy has been maintaining justice and respect of law in Ethiopia. Recently, he visited Humera and other military bases all over the country to improve security and strengthen/uplift the military for another round of fighting. If he was planning to negotiate with TPLF would he have done this? TPLF has basically said that war is inevitable and that they will be launching an attack on Eritrea and Ethiopia. The likelihood of negotiation is slim. “We are going to defend like lions and attack like wolves.” -Borkena reported Abiy saying; until I ACTUALLY see him negotiating with TPLF, I view this “information” as propaganda to further seclude Ethiopians, especially Amharas away from Abiy

    • I kindly ask the writer to be very cognizant with such information. Please note you are putting millions agitated and charged with such news. These are people not numbers. People who love their country and gladly put their life to defend what is there’s. Candid & carful analysis will help our country in this difficult time. Let us try to be peace builder!

    • Agree with comments by “An Ethiopian”. The “sources, unconfirmed reports, inside information, etc” by itself points to fake news, usually advanced by the junta and other trouble makers. I do not expect at all PM Abiye would do such a thing, or entertain anything that would revive the fortunes of TPLF. I trust Abiye all the way…..

  2. If these two sides had a face to face meeting at the said place, well that should be seen as positive step. The conflict with all its bloody and destructive mayhem was nothing but utter foolishness and reckless. It was brother killing brother. Someone may say like ‘what’s new with niggers right?’ If that really took place I applaud them for their courage. Stop beating the drums of war but sit down and talk. You can jump sky high to the tune of laloye all day long and all night long to grab and keep territory by force ain’t gonna work. You can hop around with foaming mouth as if you are possessed by some strange zaar screaming your zerraafs that ain’t gonna make you a sole owner either. You can run around like a rattled wildebeest crooning rousing gerersaas till the cows come home you will never be able to go in grab anything that has been built up by every ethnic group in that country. Instead of jumping around just to make yourself look foolish you have been advised to sit down and talk. You have been one heck of a sick creature making your observers sick as a result. Stop the theatrics and choose the civilized way. Sick and tired of it!!!!!

    • talk is only possible with peaceful opposition politicians. But definitely not with armed terrorist like TPLF. Talk is only then possible,
      1) if TPLF disarmed
      2) deliver the criminals, terrorist, and trailers to justice

  3. I wish their is a discussion between all warring groups to bring an end to the civil war. But I see No shred of reality in this story. Why would the issue of Addis Abeba come for discussions between Abiy and the TPLF? It is not even remotely one of the demands of TPLF.

  4. Enough for the nonsense loss of precious Ethiopian lives in a non ending war. The situation has proved negotiation and political solution as the only means of solving the issue. The people of Ethiopia and neighboring countries deserves peace and prosperity. Lets not grant permission to our mind to host and promote hatred, war, inequality, mischieve …

  5. People often ventures to comments when there’s a responsible party. Here we are dealing with mentality compromised hooligan and his enablers who stops nothing short of looking away from the realities of the atrocities this dictator is committing!!!!

  6. Oromia Force Must Get OUT of Amhara Zone!!!!!
    Oromos must refuse and show support to Amhara or anyone else when the government is moving in unlawful and dangerous direction that portrays all Oromos as the Oromuma bad people.

    When Abiy is caught running secretive, evil and cunning agendas by repeatedly defying and defeating his own many speeches the only option he left to people is not to trust him. Betraying his own Defense Force and the patriotic Fannos whom he begged to get involved is not a good character of a leader. Now going after, murdering and harassing Fanno and their mothers who fearlessly fought and stopped TPLF from entering Addis Ababa and saved PM Abiy’s power does not entitle him as one that maintains justice and respect of law in Ethiopia.

    When it is the PM Abiy himself who is creating havoc and mass arresting innocents voices and oppositions and Generals
    he not only lose trust but also respect.

    When PM Abiy keeps brining lies after lies not only he loses trust but also poses danger to the country. Therefore he should be forced to step down because Ethiopia can not afford to keep a liar and dangerous person as a leader and Prime Minister.

    He is breaking the constitution by creating havoc and chaos in Amhara Zone and sending Oromia Special Force to enter into Amhara Zone without reason and invitation.

    PM Abiy is terrorizing Amharas by arresting over 7000 INNOCENT Journalist, women, senior citizens, toddlers, Doctors, Businessmen and women, and harassing Fanno Amhara patriots who are respected by ALL Amharas including Christians and Muslims who refused to be divided and confused by Oromuma stupid plots.

  7. I am saddened after reading this article because it contained incendiary and unfounded claim that the fate of Addis/Finfine was one of the ‘issues’ on the table when PM Abiy and TPLF representatives allegedly met in Nigeria. I am saddened that cursed bigots are using this esteemed website to spew around poison. I see this website a platform created and made available for everyone by dignified countrymen/women who despise devil’s offshoot bigots. The insertion of Addis/Finfine in this article is intended to inject flame into the raw emotion of the gullible. That was utter evil.

    • To make it clear, borkena received two tips about it and it was very hard to dismiss them based on how prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been acting in relation to the war with TPLF including releasing top TPLF leaders, stopping the war when it was apparent that TPLF would buy time to prepare for another round of war and more importantly in light of the clandestine US brokered talks that Abiy’s administration has been denying. On top of that the circumstantial evidence in relation to the recent mass crack on FANO in the Amhara region is also another consideration. The reason it is published as “Unconfirmed” news is to play the traditional role of media as checks and balances by way of sending the message to Abiy Ahmed’s government that people are watching.

      It is also important to remember that verifying tips like that is difficult due to the complicated nature of the matter. You may call the office of the prime minister or contact people who were members of the delegation to Nigeria. Chances are they would not confirm anything due to the nature of the matter.

  8. There is one thing nobody can glass over at all. There is an elephant in the room, and it is the trustworthiness of Abiy. He is not a credible individual. He is a backstabber, a political opportunist, unethical beyond imagination as unscrupulous. This is an individual who dines with those who call him dear brother today, only to turn around and massacre them tomorrow and plant a tree in their names the next day. People do not have faith in his leadership. He has betrayed Gonder, he has betrayed Afar, he has betrayed, Gojam, Bahia Dar, he has betrayed Wollo,
    he has betrayed Shoa, and he has betrayed the residents of Addis too. He is not reliable. His thumb is always on the scale. His concept of justice is not 1:1 but Oromumma 100: Rest of Ethiopia 1. Abiy knows neither justice nor the rule of law and equal treatment of everyone before the law. Something is not right with this individual. Something is amiss, something is not settling and normal with this guy.

  9. In the first place, Borkena should not have posted unconfirmed reports. I heard a similar news of meeting between the prime minister and the TPLF representatives before his trip to Nigeria. I suspect that the TPLF has fabricated this story as it usually does.

  10. “Unconfirmed” report originates from people who know about the issue, are concerned about it, but want to remain anonymous. Prudent observers would take the time to weigh the new info in light of past & present activities on the ground.

    Such reporting is widely practiced the world over and has been extremely useful in preventing major global catastrophes.

  11. Subject: “Alert : unconfirmed report that PM Abiy met with TPLF leaders in Nigeria” borkena.com,  May 29, 2022

    Humble Opinion, 2 June 2022
    It is a classical tragedy when ETHIOPIA , one of the few Ancient Independent Black African Countries for seemingly time immemorial, is now on the meat pedestal to be cut into pieces. Unbelievable as it may sound, daring individuals are capable of doing exactly that for their own individual benefits. Just survay the GLOBE, in your imagination, and you will face with reality. The choice offered to the people of Ethiopia is simple: OBEY AND BE UNDER ME OR REFUSE AND BE UNDER HELL OF ME.

    That is the choice facing Ethiopia who have countless ingenious highly educated scholars with the top most legal credentials certifying that they have accomplished what the Globe demands upon human scholar creatures. Obviously, they are nothing in front of daring self-appointed individuals who dare to control the entire population for their own glory whether the people like it or not. THE END Is there where any one daring to face that challenge!!!! NOT ME — I AM THE GREATEST COWERED ON EARTH and live my life peacefully and happily, enjoying all Global news items from various news papers, as I am doing now, or gossips. . THE TRUE END.


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