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“Power struggle and division within the ruling party” one of the reasons for instability in Amhara region : NaMA

NaMA ‘s latest statement is trashed by many Ethiopians, including those who used to support the party , as “opportunist”

Belete Molla _ NaMA
Belete Molla, NaMA chairman and Federal Minister for Innovation and Technology (Photo : SM)


In a statement released this week, which is highly criticised by activists and politicised Ethiopians in the opposition quarter including some leaders of the party, NaMA mentioned several factors for the instability in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

One of them, as indicated in the party’s statement, is bad practice in the government structure, lack of capacity [competence], power struggle, and division within the ruling Prosperity Party.  

The party seems to think that the crack within the ruling party led factions to engage in facilitating illegal groups and illegal activities. However, NaMA statement did not substantiate its claim in that regard. 

The party also said that “it has been following government law enforcement operations through its structure at different levels.” 

Outside of the ruling party, NaMA blamed groups whom it said are operating within the power structure of enemy forces in and outside of Ethiopia.

According to NaMA, these groups are poised as an “anti-prosperity party”, and it has contributed to the instability in the Amhara region. 

The party sees groups who are trying to exploit the situation in the Amhara region in pursuit of their own agenda.  Digital woyane and Ethio 360 are mentioned in the statement but it appears to be a little abstract as to how they are doing that. 

Some of the activists, journalists and military leaders arrested over the past ten days by Abiy Ahmed led government (Photo : Facebook)

In fact, NaMA has also cited the preparation for war on the part of TPLF as one of the major issues that need to be considered when responding to situations in the Amhara region. 

The statement also said it supports “efforts to enforce the rule of law in the Amhara region and other parts of the country.” Yet, it all expressed “concern” about what it called “errors” in the implementation of law enforcement practices. 

It said “we are observing a crackdown and other related problems against dissenting voices and political differences.” Furthermore, it said NaMA members are among the victims of government attacks. 

One of the reasons that NaMA’s statement was widely criticised is that it did not mention the crackdown on FANO. 

The government, this week, has announced that it has arrested over 4500 people in the Amhara region. Earlier, Brigadier General Tefera Mamo  was kidnapped in Addis Ababa by Federal Forces and handed over to authorities in Amhara region. 

Some also question why NaMA saw an open and orchestrated attack against activists, military leaders, and FANO as “errors” when the very goal of the government is to target those groups under the guise of “law enforcement” operation. 

NaMA has called on Amhara Regional State to stop arbitrary mass arrests as it will not help ensure the rule of law and order in the region. 

It also called on the government to stop attacking politicians in the opposition quarter, including NaMA members, under the guise of law enforcement. 

NaMA, like EZEMA, is given a single ministerial position within Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet – something that seems to have complicated its position as an opposition party.  

The party was established in Bahir Dar in 2018 and has managed to form strong support base. But lately the party seem to be losing a portion of its support base due to what many call an “opportunist” stand over many issues that affected the region and the country.


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  1. Abiy 2018: “we will sit at a table and discuss among different political parties and ideologies and base on logic and reason, we will go forward”.

    Opposition 2022: “ok your government was given monopoly of violence, but people are dying everywhere and are not safe, the war started only in one place but under your military leadership has expanded to Gonder, Wollo, and Afar”, and moreover despite your pledge to not repeat the mistakes of EPRDF and TPLF in particular, your PP has now become worse than EPRDF”

    Abiy 2022: that is it I don’t want to play ball and be held accountable. This is coup detat, you are all going to jail or be put out of practice.

    Then after imprisoning his opponents and critics, Abiy went to his PP Oromumma buddies and said ok we have won the argument based on reason and logic. Good job, comrades!!!!


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