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Bale Kezeraw ,Brigadier General Shambel Beyene, speaks about his condition 


Ethiopian State-owned Television, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation,   on Thursday released a short documentary regarding the current situation of now Brigadier Gen. Shambel Beyene, whom most Ethiopians endear to him as “Bale Kezeraw.” 

It is apparent that the documentary is meant to be disproving a claim by Ethio 360 media ( featured in the documentary too), which is based in the United States, regarding the life of Bale Kezeraw and another senior military officer, Brigadier General Mekashaw Jembere whom the aforementioned media presented as “poisoned.” 

The polemics aspect of the story between government media and Ethio 360 aside, there had been concerns about the safety of Bale kezeraw. Based on the story that emerged lately, which is also highlighted in the interview the state media, he was wounded in the face during in the battle in the Afar region, apparently seriously, and was flown to the Addis Ababa where he was first treated and sent abroad ( to unspecified country) for further treatment.

Watch what he had to say  

Video : embedded from ETV Youtube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video 


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