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Ethiopian gov’t action is pushing people to the brink of a popular uprising: Opposition 

Ethiopian PM minister Abiy Ahmed crackdown on dissenting voices, in Addis Ababa and Amhara region, is triggering a reaction from the Opposition 

Ethiopian News _ opposition reaction
Abiy Ahmed and other members of the National Security Council during a meeting at the end of January this year (photo : file /ENA)

Updated on May 25, 2022 3:33 PM Toronto Time

Balderas For Democracy on Monday said that the government is arresting and hassling its members. It said at least 12 members of the party and Addis Ababa Youth were arrested without any crime. 

Balderas party members who were on a mission to get signatures, as part of the effort to make Balderas a national party,  in Arbaminch, Wollo, Gojam, Gondar, Dire Dawa, and Harrar had been harassed and arrested, it was said.  

“OPDO led Prosperity Government,” as Balderas called it, campaign of killing and chasing FANO is a dangerous move that crossed a redline, and the end result will be unpleasant, the party said in a statement it issued on Monday. 

Citing the sacrifice FANO paid alongside special forces, militia, and the defence force during a military campaign to reverse the TPLF invasion of the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia, Balderas said that “Any measure that targeted FANO is an attack targeted on Amhara as well as Ethiopian people.” 

Balderas made an even more strong claim about Abiy Ahmed’s government crackdown against FANO. “Our Party Balderas understands that the OPDO led Prosperity Party measure against  FANO is a move that contemplates the strategic goals of TPLF-OLF and OPDO to disintegrate Ethiopia to give birth to Greater Tigray and Free Oromia.” 

Also, Balderas said that the party looks at the dictatorial killings, kidnapping, and arrests in the Amhara region and Addis Ababa as something worse than the country experienced in the past thirty years. 

Balderas calls on the government to focus on issues that are not yet resolved namely the issue with TPLF, OLF Shane, and Sudan (border dispute). 

Furthermore, called for the release of Balderas and the release of all prisoners of conscience including journalists, military leaders   

Balderas has also a plea for the Defence Force: to avoid pulling the trigger against FANO that paid the sacrifice on the battlefront along with the Defence Force and rather protect FANO. 

The campaign against FANO is something that would trigger the disintegration of Ethiopia, said Balderas. 

This week, the Amhara regional state announced that it has arrested over 4500. It claimed that the suspects were engaged in criminal activity under the guise of FANO. It also said that it will work with “REAL FANO” and will even make arrangements to make them work under the regional government structure. 

Balderas is not alone in its condemnation. Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party condemned government action saying that it is impossible to control people or bring about peace and stability by the use of military force. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission on its part demanded the government stop arresting individuals without a court order.

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  1. Popular uprising? why and how? Eskinder and his little party are a collection of Idiots, I am glad I predicted Eskinder around 4 years ago as soon as TPLF kicked out of 4 kilo and as soon as he was released from prison with that yellow bag, I knew he will be such a p**y and become an obstacle for our current government. I am telling the truth here, we need to tell them the truth, I do believe they are bunch of Idiots trying to get attention from a society they never helped, feed, serve or they never liberated. These are idiots playing on people’s emotion while they have zero potential to do what it takes. Ethiopians need to learn how to drop their ‘’HERO” when he or she is at fault. I know we also need to redefine heroism in Ethiopia at some point as well, bunch of korkoros AND Eskesta meches are acting like they are a hero nowadays for crying out loud or for being just BUDA in our messed up political field.

  2. PM Abiy Ahmed, Dr. Yilkal Kefale, General Abebaw Tadesse and “Field Marshal” lol, Berhanu Jula!!!!

    Free 4900 innocent Amhara Political Prisoners Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Free 4900 innocent Amhara Political Prisoners Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Free 4900 innocent Amhara Political Prisoners Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stop terrorizing and abusing Amhara infants and toddlers!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop terrorizing and abusing Amhara infants and toddlers!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop terrorizing and abusing Amhara infants and toddlers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All what we are witnessing today is a sign of failed and hopeless regime that is rejected and going rouge, doing its own thing and stops following the constitution of Ethiopia.
    This definitely is an invitation for popular uprising and unrest. One failed autocratic wanna be regime can not silence 110 millions Ethiopians.

    As the the Oromommua Abiy regime is rejected for its illegal and gangster mode operation outside of normal or desirable controls it leaves no option for Ethiopians but to quickly rise up against tyranny and prevent more deaths and destruction.

    PM Abiy Ahmed is psychopath suffering from overt narcissism that becomes aggressive or violent if a person or situation challenges his sense of status. The mass midnight kidnapping and abducting of Amhara elites, doctors journalists, students, Fanos, and Generals is all personal vendetta to the psychopath Abiy. His failures as a leader and inability to show that he is neither educated or intelligent succumbs him to resorting to use power, drones and guns on his own people.

    The government has been mowing down innocent Amharas overtry by sending Oromo troops into Amhara zone and claims to have detained over 4500 people. Covertly by using OLF “Shene” for 4 years with out catching any Shene terrorist and stopping the massacre. Amharas and other ethnic Ethiopians who do not approve the Violent PM Abiy, Oromumma gangster regime violence are also suffering by being detained in mass .


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