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Eritrea celebrated the 31st anniversary of its Independence 

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Eritrea on Tuesday celebrated the 31st anniversary of Independence. Eritreans in the country and abroad celebrated it colourfully. 

Eritrean People’s Liberation Front, which evolved into the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) after independence, under the leadership of Isaias Afeworki, concluded the thirty years liberation struggle in 1991.

In 1998 , Eritrea and Ethiopia, then under the leadership of the late TPLF chairman Meles Zenawi, fought a bloody two years war which is said to have killed close to 100,000 people on both sides.  

It was followed by two decades of no peace-no war relations with Ethiopia which came to an end when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018.

Eritreans in the capital Addis Ababa have celebrated the 31st anniversary at Friendship Park. 


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  1. I want to give my Eritrean brothers and sisters a heartfelt shout out wishing them the best on their Independence Day! They wanted independence and with skills, unity and determination they achieved it. Congratulations dear neighbors!!!

  2. Celebrating INDEPENDENCE in our dear Black Africa is meaningless from every angle of prism.
    Be Honest to yourself
    Be Truthful to Yourself
    BE Daring to Yourself
    BE Daring to admit that WE Black Africans are molded by Colonial powers to be OUR OWN ENEMY via INFERIORITY COMPLEX.
    Is a piece of cloth called Necktie, to be born around the neck, an African design?
    NO, it is NOT African design but blindly used by Africans to emulate the MASTER — at any cost.
    There is NO SLAVERY than the willingness to give your LIFE to your colonizer master.
    “CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY” so said Alen Paiton of South Africa
    AHHH…… BLACK AFRICA &Dear AFRICA & Beloved Africa & Honest Africa ; Humane Africa ……….
    Ahhhh…… Indeed, too much of goodness — beyond proportion — can turn into absurdity.

  3. “Eritrea celebrated the 31st anniversary of its Independence” May 24, 2022

    From what to what?
    To aim at what?
    To actually do what?
    To achieve what?
    What has been achieved in “31 years” for the benefit of the people ?
    From past experience, will there be a peaceful change from current situation?
    Are Eritreans better off under outside forces during a time period of three hundred – and – forty – five – years?
    How happy Eritreans are TODAY than past colonial forces?
    Is there such thing as EVIL doing something to keep Eritrea in the gutter?
    But then why?
    Oh Lord!!!!! Have Mercy Upon Eritrea.


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