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Ethiopian gov’t calls TPLF’s “captured soldiers” narrative a propaganda stunt 

As TPLF makes claims about releasing over 4000 “captured soldiers” from Tigray region, Ethiopian gov’t says it is a propaganda stunt

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Legese Tulu, Minister for government communication service (Photo : ENA/File)


The Ethiopian government on Sunday said what the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) presented last week as Ethiopian soldiers captured in the battlefront are  “individuals who went to Tigray region in search of jobs” and civilians whom TPLF took away from the areas it controlled in Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

TPLF claimed that it is releasing more than 4000 Ethiopian soldiers who were captured during military engagement with the Ethiopian government. 

A video released on VOA Amharic shows what were presented as captives wearing worn-out military fatigues. 

The Ethiopian government said TPLF made the people, whom it took away from the areas it controlled before it was pushed back to the Tigray region in December 2021, wear military uniforms.

Some of them, said Legese Tulu who is Government Communication Service Minister,  were forces detained, with help from the community,  at a time when the Defence force withdrew from the region. 

Others were people who were forced to be used as a logistic supply force for its army. 

The TPLF has been claiming that there are many more thousands of forces (“captives”) under its control in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The country is facing a new threat of war as the Federal government of Ethiopia and Amhara regions are responding to TPLF’s threat of war for which it ordered a standby in the entire region of Ethiopia. 

Last week, the government of Eritrea also issued a statement that confirmed that the TPLF is undertaking massive preparation to invade the entire Eritrea.  The Eritrean government said that it has a right to defend its sovereignty. 


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  1. I was wondering myself But then again given the Woyane ‘s wicked political culture, modu operandi and experience of the last 40 years, it shouldn’t surprise anyone, One would expect nothing less of these kinds of fabrications and lies from propanganda machine that the TPLF clique is . They are trulyl talented for this

  2. On the other hand PM Abiy has a new award to his hardware collection. The only magazine that has never faulted in the history of mankind, Time Magazine, has just cited the PM as one of the world’s 100 most influential people for 2022. Congratulations to the PM for winning the coveted award and Aryn Baker for writing the piece on him!!! How come Kermit the frog and Bugs Bunny are not included in the list? These two have influenced billions of kids for more than 70 years. That is not fair. In any case, I will stick to my earlier statement that Time Magazine has never faulted! Never!!!

    • Ittu Aba Farda!! Great to see you brother

      Very funny and happy to see that Time magazine recognized our great leader while their leaders are working day and night against our leader. I guess civilization/modernization wins sometime. They usually don’t do that when their government is not happy with any leader around the world. I guess our leader is an Exception.

  3. For some of you who thought Time Magazine cited Abiy Ahmed as one of the world’s 100 most influential people for 2022, I have bad news for you!!
    When some are cited for doing good Time Magazine picked Abiy Ahmed for being the most wicked and ruthless person of 2022 . Everyone must read and understand the story before jumping to write and speak what they hope for.

    If you read the detailed story why Abiy’s name was cited, it is for being responsible for launching a military campaign against his enemy: leaders of the rebellious ­northern Tigray region that borders Eritrea. “The civil war, now in its 19th month, has become a byword for atrocities against Tigrayans: Abiy’s forces have been accused of massacres, sexual assault, and ethnic cleansing. Famine looms with millions impacted.)

    • Why Abiy was citied for most influential

      First get some real name, but you missed the point here, we did read it and he still made it to the list, you are correct they did also say something negative, so what? who cares? the west will never be honest with you unless you kiss their A**, unless you are st**d enough for them to drag you easily here and there and etc. Our king is smarter than they thought, they still want to be a little nice while burning inside. Just take the trophy your king secured. For some reason some of you have no topics to complain on…..

      • Who is telling who to get real name? Is that what Abiy wishes to be? A king? Is that all the fuss about? Displacing thousands of Addis Ababa residents only to live in a palace and wish he was a king?
        He must be out of his mind if he has one.
        However the real story is that Abiy’s name was cited for his brutality and evil personality that his clans missed to understand because they do not read or understand news.
        Plus what is the accomplishment expect fueling war, divisions, hate, war, kidnapping, abducting, murdering and misery on his political opponents? He fooled the world once but the world is now catching him. He has no credibility, dignity, or influence. He is a dead man walking. The final catch will land him in ICC.

  4. No one would believe the TPLF, if one day they speak by mistake the truth. Their history proved that they pathological liars!

    • The question is who is the worst lair? TPLF or Oromumma PP Abiy? TPLF created Abiy. Abiy worships and respects TPLF At the end they are both lairs with no respect and dignity of a government.


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