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Over 4500 arrested in the Amhara region 


The Amhara regional government says  “REAL FANO” would be working from within the government structure in the region

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FANO volunteers ( Photo /SM/file)


Well over 4500 people are arrested in different parts of the Amhara region of Ethiopia in what the government authorities call “law enforcement operation.” 

It is the region’s Peace and Security Office head, Desalegne Tassew, who disclosed the arrest. The office has a press statement regarding the current situation in the region. 

The office is vowing to carry on the duty to ensure “durable peace” in the region, from the report by Amhara Media Corporation (state media from the region). 

According to the report, 40 of the suspects are convicted criminals, and 210 of them are suspects in homicide cases. 

Mr.Desalegn also said the region has now reliable peace except for the operation to arrest what he called outlaws. 

” Government will not tolerate those operating under FANO name but do not represent real FANO and engage in illegal activity against the people,”  he added as reported by AMC. 

He also said, according to the source, the regional government is organising “Real FANO” to work under the government structure. 

It is unclear if FANO will maintain its neutrality, as a volunteer force defending people in the region and the country from attacks of a military nature, if it is working under a government structure. It is also unclear if it will remain a volunteer group or employees of the regional government. 

There has been extensive criticism, mostly from politicised ethnic Amhara in and outside of Ethiopia,  against the regional government on alleged grounds of submissiveness to a radical ethnic Oromo ideology called Oromummaa. 

It has also been criticised for what many believe is an inability to protect ethnic Amhara from organised massacres in different parts of Ethiopia. 

Last week, the regional government released a statement saying that it is facing security threats from groups whom it said are facilitating a crisis for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

It also ordered security forces across the region to be on standby to respond to TPLFs mobilisation against Amhara region and the rest of Ethiopia. 


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  1. Amharas demand freedom and the Oromo Special Force to Get out of Amhara Zone!
    Enough with Abiy and PP lies, murders, sinister and plots against the Fano and Amhara people.

    Free Amhara, Fanos, Meseret Abera, Tadios Tantu, Solomon Shumeye, The Balderas for Democracy members, Doctors, Business men and women, Teachers, Children, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters of Amhara people!!

    State sponsored Amhara Genocide is going on in plain view. Amharas in their own zone are being hunted, abducted and murdered by Abiy and Shimeles Oromia Special Force while Jalmaro and OLF Shene are claiming to expand their territory controlling and posing threat by pushing out every child and Amhara from their homes.

    Of course Amhara death and misery has continued as usual while Abiy and his hyaena PP cadres are scrambling for more power, wealth, land by displacing the people of Addis Ababa, Gambella, Southerners, and every where.

  2. It this is not a State Sponsored Terrorism and Genocide how could any government could catch 4500 people ( ALL Amharas) within one week? How on earth this could be justified as catching criminals?

    If Butcher, PM Abiy Ahmed claims to catch 4500 Amharas from Amhara Zone, where there is no crime how many we can expect to be caught from Wild Wellega and Oromia Zone, the slaughter Zone of Terrorist OLF Shene and PP cadres!

    Abiy Ahmed and Puppet General Abebaw Tadesse Leave Amhara Zone! Get OUT and stop murdering Amhara people!!!

    When there is no killings, burning people, looting Amhara properties, displacement from peoples house like it is happening daily in Wild-Wellega and Oromia Zone why has Abiy Ahmed sent puppet General Abebaw Tadesse to do his dirty job in Gojjam and Amhara Zone?

    PM Abiy Ahmed you are deaf to Amhara slaughter in Wellega but suddenly woke up to murder more Amhars in their own peaceful place. You need to learn where the barbaric crimes are happening. Send your troops to Wild-Wellega the place of Amhara slaughter and blood bath.


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