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Professor Haregewoin makes an essential reflection in Tigray politics 

Professor Haregewoin _ TPLF _ Tigray
Professor Haregewoin ( Photo : screenshot from ETV video)


In an interview with Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Professor Haregewoin not only trashed the genocide and rape claims by radical pro-Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) but also reflected on the possibility that the TPLF movement itself , since the 1970’s, might have been influenced by foreign powers rather than the situation in the country. 

Professor Haregewoin posed the question on the grounds that most of the TPLF leaders and their followers were in their early 20’s when they left to waging a guerrilla war ( from the wilderness of Dedebit).  Given the youth in the ’60s and 70’s were influenced by Marxist writings and revolutionary struggles from other parts of the world, it may not be as puzzling as it appears to be for youth to join an armed political movement in their early 20’s. 

How the movement ended up to be fundamentally anti-Ethiopian, however, is something that has been missing from conversations. 

A history of the guerrilla struggle of the TPLF indeed seems to suggest a relationship with forces from the Arab world, and later (towards the mid and late 80s) from the west.  Yet, historians are to take up the issue for an investigation. Some of the founders of the TPLF who left the organisation in the 80’s like Aregawi Berhe, could have a valuable clue for studies like that. 

Professor Haregewoin also questioned the image that presents Tigray’s mother as one who encourages her children to join in the fighting.  She brought in an Islamic view of motherhood as a creator and that motherhood is something Holy. 

The points she raised are relevant in terms of challenging indoctrination by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

Watch her interview 

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video 


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