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TPLF says it is releasing over 4,000 captured soldiers


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The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) on Friday said it is releasing 4,208 Ethiopian soldiers whom it said were captured in its military campaign.

The latest military campaign was to the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.

The TPLF claimed that they have been held in a centre in Mekelle. 

It claimed that the captives would be released out of the Tigray region of Ethiopia in cooperation with the International Red Cross. 

However, the International Red Cross did not remark about the TPLF’s claim. 


(Video : VOA Amharic )

DW Amharic cited Berhane Kebede, who is said to be coordinator for war captives in Mekelle; many more captives will be released. 401 of the prisoners are said to be women. 

TPLF is also claiming that it has thousands of Eritrean prisoners of war – a claim that is not proved by other sources, including International Red Cross. 

The TPLF is preparing to conduct war against Eritrea and Ethiopia on alleged grounds that the peaceful effort to resolve the conflict with the government did not succeed. 

TPLF has an irredentist claim over that it calls Western Tigray, which used to be part of Gondar province before the TPLF took power in 1991 with support from the United States and its allies. 

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  1. What a joke. We are going to invade you, watch out Eritrea, and Ethiopian regions of Gonder, Wollo and Afar. But first we are going to release your POWs. Hey vodka Getachew, Debra Saytan and what the heck was the name of that TPLF s fake “brilliant general and strategist” vis a vis pompous Alex De Waal: hav3 you taken your pills today? You are getting weirder and weirder by the minute.

  2. Excellent news for the POWs and their families. Both sides should release all such prisoners ASAP. If there are any who committed crimes of humanity they should be held accountable in a just court of law. Since the courts on both sides seem to be tainted such criminals should be handed to the international court of justice at The Hague or Arusha. No justice should be handed at kangaroo courts. If a prisoner is alleged to have committed rape that must be proven using ocular and DNA evidences. With emotions running so high there can be accusations of the wrong/innocent individuals. All investigations must be carried by independent groups.

  3. But on the hindsight when and how all these soldiers captured? For me the news and subsequent parading of ‘POWs’ right after the withdrawal of the federal and regional forces including members of the provisional administration from Tigray has been something iffy for me. It never added up for me. In any case these men and women are told to be POW’s and their freedom is something to celebrate with their loved ones.


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