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Brigadier General Tefera appeared in court in Bahir Dar 


Brigadier General Tefera Mamo
Brigadier General Tefera Mamo


Brigadier General Tefera Mamo on Friday has appeared in court Bahir Dar, seat of Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

He appeared at the Supreme court which gave ten days to appear in court again. 

His lawyer made a case that five days of arrest was adequate to complete the  investigation, and he asked the court to grant bail right to his client. 

The lawyer substantiated his claims by citing that videos of an interview which general Tefera recently did, with which he is indicted, are available for downloads, and the National Information and Security service has sent documents when it sent Gen. Tefera to Bahir Dar. 

The Prosecutor, which is indicting Gen. Tefera for conspiring to :overthrow the constitutional order by force, asked for 14 days for further investigation. 

General Tefera told the court that he was abducted by people whom he did not recognize but whom he thought are people from intelligence, on May 16 in Yosef locality of Addis Ababa. 

He was in the capital to make arrangements for medication, and blindfolded, and taken to an underground detention centre, which he said is unknown, where he was kept for two nights. 

In an interview with Ethiopian Media Services (EMS), president of Amhara regional state, Yilkal Kefale, said he does not condone the way he was taken prisoner. The Nationals Intelligence did not announce that Tefera was in custody in the first two days , and the family was worried about his whereabouts. 

General Tefera was flown to Bahir Dar in a helicopter after two days. 

According to DW Amharic report, General Tefera was seen in court exhausted in sandal shoes and activewear 

He is expected to appear in court again on May 30. 

Recently, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has been intensifying the kidnapping of activists, journalists and critical voices. 


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  1. So can the idiotic government of Pastor Ayalkebet Abiy Ahmed, for at least once, in its miserable 4 years of turbulence, chaos and duplicity present a coherent case. So to create a sense of false equivalency and distraction from public scrutiny of the setting of free violent and murderous OLF militants who were responsible for the massacre, displacement of millions and murder of thousands in collaboration with Abiy and PP, a General from the Amhara region had to be abducted and imprisoned.

    Once again, just like the case of General Asaminew Tsige, Abiy propagates the false and boring coup detat narrative. Who believes this moron anymore? He has zero credibility. His PP now is committing the same human rights violations that were common and rampant under TPLF controlled EPRDF. PP is the child and product of its parent and mentor EPRDF. Abiy’s reform was fake and the proof is in the pudding. Look at the actions of PP from the rear view mirror of the Abiy Oromumma wagon, what every Ethiopian sees is EPRDF2. PP=EPRDF2.sdfgh12 No change, nothing!!!!!!!


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