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OLF members detained unlawfully should be immediately released, says EHRC

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission says Oromo Liberation Front ( OLF) members who were arrested unlawfully should be compensated for the damage they suffered

Dawud Ibsa, leader of one of the OLF factions (Photo : SM)


The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC)  on Thursday said Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) members whom it said are detained unlawfully in the Oromo region of Ethiopia should be released. 

It also said that they should be compensated for the damage they suffered [because of what it called unlawful detention.] 

The EHRC also called for law enforcement bodies to implement orders from Courts and Attorney General in the region. 

The Rights claimed to have undertaken an investigation about the situations of OLF members arrested in Burayu, Gelan, and Sebeta towns. 

Prisoners, families of prisoners, the Oromia police commission, and the Oromia region Attorney General of the region were contacted as part of the investigation process, EHRC said. 

The finding is, EHRC continues, that there were unlawful arrests ranging from months to two years. Those who were granted bail rights were released on bail conditions. Individuals whose cases were closed by the court were not released, it was said.  

Michael Gobena, Kenesa Ayana, Geda Woljira, Dawit Abdeta, Lemi Begna, Geda Gebisa, Colonel Gemechu Ayana and Abdi Gelana are the OLF elements that EHRCO mentioned in its report. 

Bete Urgessa, another OLF member, is getting medical treatment in an unspecified health facility with permission from the police, and in bail condition. 

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) entered Ethiopia from Eritrea, where they claimed to have a military base, soon after Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018. 

There had been a controversy between the OLF and the Federal government after Dawud Ibsa-led OLF refused the government order to disarm and resort to peaceful political struggle. 

OLF Shane (as the government calls it), which many believe to be the military wing of the OLF, is still fighting the Federal and regional forces in some parts of the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

In an interview with Fana Broadcasting, state media, sometime in April, Adem Farah who is the Deputy Chairman of the ruling Prosperity Party said OLF Shane controlled about seven districts in the Oromo region. 

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  1. The laughable “law and order” government of the OLF sympathizer and card carrying member of OLF aka Bucther PM and Pastor Ayalkebet Abiy: massacres General Asamenew on tramped up charges, never proving one iota of it’s preposterous coup detat claim, expands one skirmish confined to one area in Tigray to Gonder, Wollo and Afar, replaces what he called day time hyenas with new day and night Oromumma hyenas whose greed, gluttony, nepotism, corruption and incompetence out shadows their former TPLF masters.

    Now after setting the master minds and financiers of TPLF aggression free, Pastor Ayalkebet wants to set the OLF butchers free after they orchestrated the massacre and bloodshed of thousands and displacement of millions. This is the corrupt, psychopathic, morally bankrupt and ethically deficient puny mind of Abiy Ahmed and his sycophants in PP at work.

  2. Pastor and PM Abiy Ahmed, the brilliant, most talented colonel, politician, gifted orator, upright citizen, greatest project manager and supervisor of al times, your excellency, Sir: does your government have a judiciary branch that is even nominally extant?????? Just asking for a friend.

  3. What the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has been doing is admirable. The existential danger posed by violent and hostile elements seems to have pushed that country into being more and more a police state. Is that the only and right way to handle the dire situation? I don’t really know. But I can see that the country has managed to survive deadly assaults by well organized and armed bigoted groups from three directions. Despite its success the way suspected collaborators were arrested, treated and the conditions of their detainment does not meet the standards of international conventions. I commend EHRC for staying vigilant and reporting such gross violations. I am not saying these mistreated prisoners were all innocent because I have no evidence for that and I am not saying they were all guilty because I have no evidence about that either. But I can confidently say that mistreatment of prisoners is wrong prohibited by the Geneva and other conventions I believe that country is one of the signatories. Prisoners once they are behind bars are deemed logistically defenseless. They are there alone surrounded by concrete and well armed guards. In this day and age of 2022 they should never be manhandled no matter what they might have done. Period!!!! Kudos EHRC!!!!!

  4. EHRC must be consistent throughout and must treat Amhara Genocide and political victims the same as Dawud Ibsa (OLF Oromo leader) for being unlawfully abducted and detained and to be compensated for the damage they suffered because of what it called unlawful detention.

    When countless Amharas are being massacred, abducted, detained and properties and infrastructures destroyed by government sponsored and armed OLF Shene, not once the EHRC asked for Amharas to be compensated for the loss it is determined to costs in billions. But for one OLF leader it is making big noise.

    EHRC must also demand the Gang leader, Abiy Ahmed and his Oromo thugs for being illegally present in Amhara Zone and opening live bullets and killing hundreds of innocent Amharas just in one day.


    Freedom and Free innocent Amharas abducted and detained by Gang leader, Abiy Ahmed and the Oromumma thugs!
    Free General Tefera Mamo NOW!
    Free the Balderas innocent political abducted prisoners!
    Free innocent FANO members!
    Stop abducting innocent Amharas!
    Remove Oromo Special Forces and Commandos out of Amhara region or Zone!
    OROMO ARMY killing Amharas in Amhara region, GET OUT OF AMHARA ZONE!!!
    Free abducted and illegally detained JOURNALISTS NOW!

  5. There are fundamental flaws in the nature, psyche and mind of this individual named Abiy. He lacks empathy, does not have a moral compass, is deficient in ethical standards and boundaries and does not have the capacity to self diagnose. There are elements of grandeur of illusions, a simultaneous superiority-inferiority complex schizoid tendencies as illustrated from the loquacious and never ending talks coming out of the mouth of this person. By now, the Oromumma obsession of his PP sycophants with him at the helm has been exposed and shown to the majority of Ethiopians. They know him quite well and he does as well. The confuse and convince silly games of the Oromo militants have also been stripped bare of their pseudo Ethiopian cover. The people know and the Abiy entourage also know.

    The fact that Abiy and PP try desperately but with no avail, to create a false equivalency with the abduction, imprisonment and extra judicial disenfranchisement of the rights of vocal opponents of the regime for eventual release to coincide with the release of OLF militants and orchestrators of violence and murder of thousands and displacement of million non Oromo Ethiopians comes as no surprise.This is the modus operandi of this fickle and unprincipled and corrupt regime of Abiy and PP. Eskinder was jailed with Jawar and was released when Jawar was released. Addis youth who opposed and objected to militant qerro march in Addis were also imprisoned at Kilinto early on the arrival of the despot in power now. Every time his Oromo militants and PP murderous criminals are caught red handed, this fool and his clique try to create a false equivalency to evade accountability. He is a rotten individual with no moral compass, no humanity, no sense of decency and responsibility.Abiy is obsessed with power, his ego mania blocks and distorts his view of the others that do not subscribe to his grandeurs of delusion and mania. Immediately they are cast the enemy.He is so thin skinned to stand even a slight scrutiny and rebuke. These are flaws in his character and nature. He does not manifest the qualities sought in a good, responsible and responsive leader. That is why everything he touches and everyone he associates with end up dead, disposed or never heard of again.


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