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Ethiopia has collected 282 billion birr revenue in 10 months 

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La’ke Ayalew, Minister for Revenue (ENA)


Ethiopia’s Ministry of Revenue says it has collected 282.5 billion birr in the current fiscal year.  It is said to be 93.15 percent of what was planned to collect during ten months. 

The ten-month performance evaluation of the Ministry was on Thursday presented to the House of People’s Representatives. 

 The plan for the current budget year, which should be closing in two months, was to collect a total of 360 billion birr revenue. 

175.5 billion birr was to be raised from local sources and the remaining 127.9 billion birr was intended to be collected from export trade taxes, according to Lake Ayalew, the Minister. 

What is actually collected so far is 168.7 billion birr from local revenue streams and 113.3 billion birr from the export trade. 

Compared to performances in the previous budget year, the revenue grew by about 18.63 percent – according to the Minister. 

It is to be recalled that the Ministry of Planning and Development projected a 6.6 percent economic growth in the country despite the war in the northern part of Ethiopia, the drought situation in some parts of the country and now the Russia-Ukraine war. 


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  1. I just used a currency conversion site to see how much is this tax revenue and it is about 5.5 billion in US dollars. Even though it meets the meaning of feast of famine, I guess it is considered an accomplishment in lights of bigots wreaking havoc in many parts of the country. Kudos!!!

  2. This is to my dear editors. Lately the daily new cases of Covid have been on the uptick in the old country topping 116 today. I noticed you have stopped posting the numbers from the old country lately. It is very concerning. Please comeback posting the daily numbers if that is all possible. The numbers from here USA and Canada are awful again. Blessings!!!


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