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Bati: explosive left behind by TPLF forces kill five people 

Ethiopian News _ Bati
Bati ( Photo credit : DW Amharic)


Bati district administration, in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, on Wednesday announced that five people were killed due to a grenade explosion. 

Mohammed Seid, head of the district, told DW Amharic that the mine was left behind by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), when it invaded the area in November 2022.It exploded when those who found it were attempting to figure it out. 

Five people died on the scene and five others were seriously wounded, according to DW Amharic report.

The victims range from Children to Adults. 


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  1. There will be more similar sad incidences like this in years to come. This reminds me of a similar incidence from my early childhood days. One day our parents in that small railway station were asked to bring their young children to the police station for an important meeting. Our parents had an idea what was all about it. A day before 3 children in the other railway station of Kora had found an object that looked something they could play with. The device went off and severely injured one of them and the two others ended up having small shrapnel embedded under their skins. Nobody died on that day but the severely injured kid had to be taken to the hospital in Dire Dawa where he succumbed to his injury months later. So when we gathered at the police station the chief showed us a small nice looking device and told us not to touch it but to come running to him and other policemen and tell them where it is located. So after that we used to bolt to the police station whenever we saw a metal object sticking out of the ground. Many decades later several boxes of explosives and disassembled machine guns were found by a road construction company buried by the departing Italians in 1941. It was buried alongside a dry river bank at the edge of our small town. I was going to school out of the country when they discovered that and my parents told me when I went back there during my vacation days. I bet you there could be more such deadly military artifacts left behind by the departing Italians. Many countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and several countries in Africa and South America are still dealing with such deadly items several decades after the conflicts ended there. Egypt, for example, still has close to 30 million mines still buried in its sand dunes and rough terrains from the WWII and the three wars with Israel which makes Egypt the most landmined country on earth. It is ironic that Egypt still manufactures landmines. In shifting sand dunes it is close to impossible to locate and safely detonate them. Luckily they are in some desolate areas now but that can change as long as the population size keeps exploding at its current rate and when more development is needed. In our case now warring factions are adding more pile to the misery


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