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Yilkal Kefale says no  agenda other than controlling illegal elements 

Yilkal Kefale also made claims that regional forces are battling against TPLF mercenaries in the northern part of the region 

Yilkal Getnet _ Amhara region
Yilkal Kefale (Photo : AMC)


Updated on May 19, 2022 01:25 hours Toronto Time

The Amhara region of Ethiopia has been under increasing criticism over alleged hostility towards FANO – volunteer forces across the region who helped defeat TPLF forces in December 2021. 

Head of the region, Yilkal Kefale, on Wednesday said all the region is doing is to “control illegal elements and anarchists” operating in the name of FANO. 

The security problem in the region, he said, reached the point where people can not make it home peaceful.  

Illegal gunfire (seemingly celebratory) in many towns in the region has also been a challenge, a threat to communities, and an obstruction to development activity, he added. 

Gun registry efforts that are introduced this week are yielding positive results, he said.  A little clarification like the thing he gave during his press statement in connection with the current state of affairs in the country is that those who acquired guns from enemy forces are allowed to own them but they have to be registered, according to his regional administration. 

Furthermore, he made claims the regional government has confirmed that there are internal enemies working to weaken the region in different forms. He presented the recent religious violence in Gondar in that light. 

“A campaign is underway to divide the Amhara people, and the intention is to weaken the people. This has to be understood,” he said. 

Yilkal Kefale also made reference to what he called “Drums of War ” from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). He said there will be a response in coordination with the Defence Force, Special Forces from the region, Militia and FANO. 

Many Ethiopians, as expressed in social media status updates and conversations, tend to see Yilkal Kefale as incapable of resisting the desire on the part of Abiy Ahmed’s government to weaken FANO in the region. 


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  1. Yilkal is a lair, the gun registry is Abiy’s attempt to disarm FANO and weaken Amhara in general.

    Amharas face continues persecution and killings in other regions, especially Oromia. Now the criminal Abiy regime wants to bring insecurity for Amharas in their home region.

    Amharas don’t register, bury the weapons instead. After registration, they will come to take your weapons the Abiy way — in a clandestine and a dirty manner.


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