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New Gun Registry regulation announced in the Amhara region of Ethiopia 

Unregistered guns will have to be registered within the next four days in the Amhara region of Ethiopia 

(Desalegne Tassew, Amhara region Peace and Security Office Head. Photo : AMC) 


The Amhara Region Peace and Security Office on Monday announced a new gun registry regulation across the region. 

Under the new regulation, owners of all kinds of guns are required to register them in the registry centres, in the areas where they live, if the gun they own is not registered before. 

Amhara Media Corporation (AMC), state owned-media in the region, said the registry will be underway for four consecutive days starting May 17, 2022.

Dessalegne Tassew, head of the region’s peace and security office, told AMC that the registry is intended to ensure the safety and security of people in the region and to reinforce support forces. 

He added that it is evident that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is making preparations to launch a military attack again.

The security office has planned to provide organised military training in the region once the gun registry is completed in the coming four days. 

This past weekend, the region announced a security standby across the region after the TPLF openly ordered people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia to prepare for war. 

There are still areas in the North Gondar and Waghmra zones of the Amhara region that are under the military control of the TPLF as is the case with some parts of the Afar regions of Ethiopia. 

Amhara Region has been experiencing security challenges in recent weeks which it linked with TPLF operatives, TPLF and external enemies. 

In late April, a clash between two individuals from Islam and Christian religious traditions escalated to a point where it appeared like full-fledged violence between the followers of the two faiths. At least fourteen were killed and hundreds wounded. 

The incident also triggered similar violence in many other parts of Ethiopia. 

TPLF as a factor for new security arrangements in the region : 

The excuse that the TPLF leaders gave to the people was that the peaceful solution to resolve the conflict with the Federal government did not work, and not enough aid was reaching the region. 

However, the World Food Programme and the government of Ethiopia have announced that thousands of trucks of aid had reached Tigray after the Ethiopian government announced a humanitarian truce in March of this year. 

On Monday, Reuters reported that the TPLF is engaged in compulsory conscription. 

There had been reports, which cited individuals who claimed to have escaped from the Tigray region, earlier in local media outlets that the TPLF  had ordered all residents in the region under 50 years of age and in a healthy condition to join the TPLF forces. 

Families who are refusing to join the TPLF forces are facing fines of up to 20,000 Ethiopian birrs.  

There are also unconfirmed reports that much of the aid that reached the Tigray region is being diverted to feed the TPLF forces and several hundreds of trucks that delivered aid to the region have not returned. 


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  1. Abiy points his index finger at others but 4 of Abiy’s own fingers point back at Abiy and his Oromumma PP

    Nobody trusts the Abiy regime. Can Oromumma cadres first register the guns and machetes and knives out in the Wild West aka Wollega first. Thank you PP cadres for your crocodile tears and fake consideration. But the log in your own eyes out first before meddling about the speck in your neighbors’ eyes.

  2. Great God- deliver the Tograyan people frol this scourge called tplf. End their suffering. Bring their ghoulish leaders to justice. And let the people understand what is brewing for them – death, death, death….

  3. Given the recent surge of political, religious and sectarian violence in the country . it is the right direction to keep law and order of the country and to keep tap and control the legal and illegal, sources, movement, and possession arms by civilians and untrained citizens. . I dont get why some people are arguing to the contrary. True, there is a fear of attacks and danger posed by the rogue violent groups like TPLF and need for a self defence rights, but that shouldn’t be excuse for illegal and out of control of street mass armament. Such situation would be tantamount to serious and potential anarchy.

  4. Unjust Law is itself a Violence!!! When a law is unjust it is only right to disobey!!!!

    It is all about doing Abiy’s and the Oromo PP’s dirty job. The Oromo dominated PP and its servant Amhara PP are more concerned about disarming Amharas than protecting Amharas and Ethiopians from Terrorist TPLF and OLF Shene who armed to teeth and mudering innocent anarmed Amharas on a daily bases.
    When Amharas must be armed to protect themselves from inevitable TPLF that declared war and to kill Amharas Abiy, the Oromo PP and its Amhara ADPA stooges are moving in the most regrettable, wrong and dangerous direction.
    Shimelis Abdissa and the Oromo PP declared Oromos to be armed yet the Amahara PP Abiy servants on the other hand have invited Oromo Special Force and Comandos to enter into Amhara Zone to kill, abduct FANOs and important Amhara figures.

    This criminal and violent Abiy and his stooges who started to abduct important famous people in a day light and move is not leaving any option for ALL Amharas to sit ideal but to reject, rise up, protest and fight back by popular force.

  5. It is not registry but a tyranny!! This is exactly why people especially Amharas must bear arms to protect themselves from OLF and TPLF terrorists and Abiy Oromo PP Tyrannical government that abducts and hides the whereabouts and denies of knowing what has happened, kills and jails lawful citizens without a cause and court order.

    This time Amharas must stay armed because servant of TPLF, OLF and Shene Oromos and Tigres are armed to teeth all blood thirsty to indiscriminately massacre Amharas!!!

    Ununiformed government security abductors and kidnappers come in unmarked vehicles the middle of the night, jump over fences, break into people’s house. The abduction and hiding the whereabouts most of the time is targeting Amharas.
    What other explanation explains for Tyranny other Abiy Oromo PP than this?

    This invites chaos and popular unrest. The unfit, PM Abiy with his idiotic ethnocentrically jaded philosophy is dragging the country into civil unrest and instability. The best solution is to dislodged PM Abiy from the power seat which is the cause of problems. People must entertain the idea of inclusive transitional government and study who will be best fit for PM position to avoid power vacuum and another opportunistic greedy murder who is prepared to hijack the struggle .

  6. Have the Oromumma cadres (OLF, OFC, Shene, OPDO) registered the guns, snipers, machetes and knives out in the Wild West aka Wollega first? That where all the massacre, stealing land and properties of Amharas is happening. That is where all the violence and wild barbarism is going on NOT in Amhara zone!!!! People in Wild West aka Wollega are crying for justice, peace and rule of law.
    Amaharas are happy with Fano which is the culture and tradition of Amhara.
    When Oromumma regime is trying to force the primitive Gada pagan tradition where it is mandatory to kill anyone when a person wants to get a job or mutilate ANY man’s genital to get a wife it expects Amharas to get rid off the well admired and dear to Amhara’s heart FANOs who protected Amharas and Ethiopia!!!

  7. While Abiy the clown was doing photo-ops, Tefera Mamo was leading from the front against TPLF. A hero is made to dissapear by the criminal Abiy regime and shameful Amhara PP, Amharas don’t register your arms, but bury them.

    Abiy and Oromia PP is no different from TPLF. They have 2.5 million Amhara deaths on their hands. Amharas globally need form a united front, make allies, and inform the world about what happend in Ethiopia between 1994 & 2007, and continues to this day. We need to break the silence on the Amhara genocide.

    Abiy Ahmed Ali regime PP was part of the EPRDF regime, the same criminals are still there, they need to face justice! Abiy to the ICC!! International investigation into the barbarity by Oromia!!


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