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Lake Dendi : “Webuild” to build eco-tourism lodge, cornerstone laid 


Lake Dendi _ Webuild _ ecotourism lodge
Cornerstone laid for the project ( Photo : ENA)


“Webuild ”, which used to be Salini Impreglio construction company, is poised to build an eco-tourism lodge near Lake Dendi in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian News Agency, State media, reported the project is part of the national “Gebeta Lehager Project.” 

Shimeles Abdissa (Oromo regional state president), Abraham Belay ( Minister for Defense who is also involved in the national project) and  Pietro Salini, Chief Executive Officer of  “Webuild” on Sunday attended a  cornerstone laying ceremony in Lake Dendi which is only 127 kilometres west of Addis Ababa. 

ENA, the state media, reported that the project is intended with the idea of making the local communities beneficiaries of it.  Date of project completion and the budget allocated for it is unspecified. 

Wenchi-Dendi coordinated a tourism project that was launched in 2021. 


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  1. This is excellent news. Now it has to be protected from the goons running amuck in Oromia destroying every sign of development. Those goons must be led to believe that finally they have their master in the field.

  2. Who is going to go these resorts in so called Oromia? According to Merera Gudina, Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Shimeles Abdissa, Adanech Abebe etc. rest of non Oromo Ethiopians are not to be welcome in Oromumma land of “Oromia”. Look at the wishes of these imbeciles; it has now come to fruition. The once famous and popular Sodere has now become an eyesore. Nobody wants to set foot there. A sustainable market and economy cannot be built on ethnic fascism. No matter how you dress it up and refer to it ethnic federalism is nothing but ethnic apartheid. Who wants to live in Wollega? Nobody, unless you want to be massacred, dispossessed, displaced, robbed blind in day light and executed like a pest. Abiy is the grim reaper, he is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he is Friday the 13th. Every spot he lands, everything he touches, everyone he befriends will either be soaked in blood and disaster, mayhem and strife, pain and suffering. His legacy is a cursed one. One look at his shifty eyes, one word out of his lying mouth and one is left with nothing but despair and hopelessness.


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