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Ethiopian Human Rights Commission hails commitment from the Ethiopian gov’t 

Ministerial Task Force established to implement recommendations in connection with rights violations in North Ethiopia one of the reasons for favourable rating from EHRC for the government 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission _
Rakeb Melese, Deputy Commissioner ( Photo : ENA)


Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is saying that the Ethiopian government demonstrated encouraging readiness to implement recommendations from an investigation into human rights violations in Ethiopia. 

In an interview with ENA, the Deputy Commissioner, Rakeb Melese, said her organization has been engaged in creating human rights awareness, following up on human rights laws and conventions and their implementation including ensuring the development plannings are considerate of human rights issues. 

She also said that the commission has been investigating violations committed in connection with the war situation in the country in Tigray, Afar, and Amhara regions. 

“The investigations were undertaken in line with international standards,” she added. 

The purpose of the investigation is to ensure that victims get justice and compensation. From that trajectory, she said, the Ethiopian government has been talking about encouraging actions. 

She cited the establishment of a Ministerial Task Force to implement recommendations in connection with rights violations in North Ethiopia. 

However, she pointed out that there are issues to which the government does not have an urgent response. Yet, those issues were unspecified in the ENA report. 

Overall, she said the recommendations from investigations in the past were years are being implemented which the commission sees as encouraging. 

Regarding the prison conditions, about 270 police stations have been monitored. The finding was that, as indicated in the ENA report, over 700 people were detained unlawfully (inappropriately) and they were released. 

There is a plan to make the rights of women and children, the elderly, disabled people, and internally displaced people the centre of its advocacy work. 

The commission recently released reports from an investigation into human rights violations in different parts of Ethiopia. 

One of them was an investigation into an incident that claimed eleven civilians and wounded thirty-three others in the Somali region of Ethiopia sometime in march 2021.  It was established that security forces used excessive force against civilians during a traditional clan leader election event. 

The Somali regional state admitted that excessive use of force was used, and compensated victims for it. 

However, the Human Rights Commission demanded that the action taken on the part of the regional government is not adequate and recommended a criminal investigation be launched in order to ensure that such violations do not happen again. It is something that the regional government saw in a positive light.


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  1. How about the atrocities committed on poor Amhara and Afar farmers by the so-called tplf fighters? Doesn’t their blood demand justice also? What about the countless ‘neftegna’ farmers, women. elderly…evicted out of their homes from wollega and other oromo regions and are now shltered in Debre Berhan under appalling conditions? Isn’t their lives worth bothering about? What about 4000 schools destroyed by tplf goons? How would you like this to happen in your cozy schools in the US and Europe? You simply bluff about selected HR conditions. Why are these so-called HR advocates so skewed when it comes to human justice? I wish you guys can come to your senses instead of relegating HR to a village joke!


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