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Youth volunteer summer program : 1.5 million to take part

Asfaw Tekle ( photo : ENA)


Addis Ababa City Community Participation and Coordination Commission on Thursday said 1.5 million youth in the city will take part in the summer volunteer program. 

Asfaw Tekle, the commissioner, has announced that the program is officially kicked off. In his press statement, as reported by ENA, the motto of this year’s program is “kindness for durable brotherhood.” 

According to the source, in the five months long volunteer program the government hopes to undertake different activities that could cost up to 2.7 billion Ethiopian birr. 

It will be covering areas like social service, green legacy, and environmental protection, tutorial classes and training, Health service, traffic control and transborder philanthropic work among other things. 

About 3,400 aged, disabled and low-income families are expected to benefit from the program, the source added. 


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  1. So let’s guess. Out of 1.5 million “Addis Ababan youth”, under whose name is to be spent 2, 700, 000, 000 birr or about $54,000,000 US, 1.499999 million will be from Oromo try be right, Abaye, the clown? By the way, this is almost exactly the same amount of money Oromummua cadres Adanech and Shimemeles claimed they spent on Addis Ababa city hall renovation.

    Hey Abiy the clown, Adanech the not so qualified so called mayor, and Shimeles the silly talker, can’t you at least come up with a different figure for your fake story? This comes to about $36 US per youth or about 1800 Ethiopian birr per person. So your story basically is $100,000,000 US spent to get a city hall clock that is correct only twice a day, and 7 liters of cooking oil worth money per youth. No wonder, everyone has lost faith in this buffoon of a PM and his Oromumma cadres of butchery and grandeur and delusions of psychotic nature. Stop playing games with the lives of hundred of millions. Please stop. At least for one miserable second of your checkered life of mayhem and bloodshed, have the humility to know that your time too shall pass.


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