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Addis Ababa Police says it seized over US $35,000 illegal cash in Lideta train station 

US dollars seized in Addis Ababa
US $35,600 Cash police seized from a women in Lideta train station ( Photo : EBC)


Addis Ababa Police on Wednesday said that it has US $35,000 – which it says was in illegal circulation – in a train stop in the capital. 

It was seized in Lideta Sub-City light rail train station, according to EBC, state media, report. 

Police officers who were posted in the station were said to be suspicious of a  woman, whose name is undisclosed, who was trying to board the train. They searched her and she was carrying US $35,600  in her purse. 

It seems Addis Ababa police were tipped about it.  The report from EBC said, “Addis Ababa Police called on community members in the city to continue actively taking part in the move to control the illegal circulation of money.” 

The National Bank Of Ethiopia restricts the amount of foreign currency that individuals could carry and be in possession of. 

Police did not say if it is launching an investigation into the US money that it seized. 

Illegal circulation of money and firearms has been making news headlines in state media outlets since Abiy Ahmed took over the office of Prime Minister following the resignation of Hailemariam in February 2018. 


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  1. Good job! The black market is a problem everywhere and its ramification is even more harmful in developing nations like the old country. It is almost impossible to stamp it out but with the support and whole hearted participation of the local community its impact on the local and national community can be kept at it’s minimal. The blood thirst demon Mengistu was said to be the grand pusher of the black market hording foreign currency and precious metals for his anticipated rainy days. Those days came in May 1991 and it was smooth sailing all the way to his bosom buddies in Harare. In all countries where black market is flourishing it always has the hands and backing of those in the regimes. This $35,000 seizure in US dollars could be just a drop in the ocean but it is something to be encouraged.

  2. rampant corruption of tplf and opdo officials and their ghoulish followers is all that we earned from the so-called bilsigina party. May God have mercy on this poor country – made even poorer by stupid leadership.


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