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Ethiopian PM launches renovation of 23 shanty homes in Addis 

Ethiopian PM _ Abuare renovation
Ethiopian PM initiating the demolition of 23 shanty houses in the Abuare area of Addis Ababa ( Photo : PMA page)


Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed on Monday launched a program for the renovation of 23 shanty homes of low-income families in the Abuare locality of the city. 

The Prime Minister himself is said to be personally funding the renovation from the proceeds of his “medemer” book – a book that talks about his governing principle. 

The homes to be renovated are not far from the Prime Minister’s office and Arak Kilo Place. 

State media said that the program is launched now in light of the upcoming rainy season in Ethiopia.  This is the fourth round of renovation in the area to be undertaken by the Prime Minister’s office. 

The majority of Ethiopia’s 115 million population live in absolute poverty struggling to feed family members. 

“As we launch the annual housing renovations program for the impoverished, i call upon individuals, businesses and government institutions to join the annual effort of providing decent and humane living conditions for the many around us before the onset of the rainy season. Particularly businesses through exercising corporate social responsibility can uplift thousands,”  Abiy Ahmed wrote on his social media page. 

In a related development, the Addis Ababa City administration is claiming that it has plans to renovate 3,400 houses in the city before the rainy season.  The Mayor said it has already embarked on the project. 

Despite seasonal rosy stories like these ones, there has been a concern, simmering and expressed, that Abiy Ahmed’s administration is allowing, or cooperating with, the project of altering the demography of the city. 

There had been allegations of illegal transfer of tens of thousands of condominium units in the city to ethnic Oromo.  


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