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Western Command Base Humera in a reliable position says Abiy Ahmed


Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed, toured the western command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in Humera.

He said the army is in a position to restore peace whenever it is disrupted.

Watch his speech below.

Video : embedded from FBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. another round of unnecessary tplf sacrificing of poor tigrayan lives based on false narratives OMG help save the tegaru youth from this senseless dying. Maybe > half a million to lose this time?????

  2. Abiy Ahmed and Berhanu Jula according to the Seychelles agreement with TPLF have is preparing TPLF move into Amhara by ordering to remove Amhara Special force, the militia and Fano from Welkait, Begemder and bordering areas of Tigray region Amharas must not allow such treason that will allow TPLF terrorist gangs to move in to Amhara region and massacre more Amharas.

    Oromo Special forces, death squads and abductors dressed in Amhara Special force and Fano uniforms must be removed from Amhara zone. Abiy Ahmed and the scandalous OPDO dominated movement must respect Amhara Zone, Amhara people’s rights and privilege’s accordingly.

  3. Abiy Ahmed OPDO and the APDA law MUST not be respected because it is UNJUST and Dangerous for Amharas.
    Amharas learn from past experiences of Abiy and the OLF Federal Force leaders bad tricks and betrayals.

    Amharas stay united, prepared and vigilant despite ADPA threats and noises! Abiy the “I know it all” famous ignorant, Field Marshal “lol” Berhanu Jula, TPLF and Gotata Shimeles Abdissa have prepared another plot in Seychelles against Amhara people, Welkait, Amhara leaders and important figures. Stay alert 24/7 and protect your land and leaders.

    Amhara leaders please do not sell your brothers and sisters for money and selfish needs that will not last you forever. Your lasting interest lies within your people. Your bad action only takes you until Abiy accomplishes what he wants. Then you be discarded either by going to jail or assassination.

    Always remember! how many important leaders and people have been assassinated within the last four years of Abiy’s rule!!! The fate will be the same for you unless you realize your back bone is Amhara and stay with your people!!
    You are only Ethiopian after you live and are respected as an Amhara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oromo Special Force and impersonator of FANO and Amhara Special Forces must leave out of Amahara ZONE.
    PM Abiy and PP must go to Crime Infested Oromia Zone and tell OPDO, OLF, OFC and Shene groups to stop the Genocide against Amhara people, and Orthodox Christian followers.


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