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Ethiopian PM made another tour to a military base in the North West 

The Defense Force is in a position to restore peace whenever it is disrupted, says Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahm ed 

Ethiopian News _ Humera _ Ethiopian PM
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed is seen with Commander of Western Command, General Getachew Gudissa, in Humera on May 7, 2022 ( Photo : ENA)


There are all the signs that seem to indicate that another round of war is likely in Northern Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made three trips to three different military bases of the Ethiopian Defence Force in less than two weeks. 

The latest trip, which happened on Saturday, was to Humera, in the North West of Ethiopia, an area that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been attempting to control with the aim to control the route to Sudan.

Abiy Ahmed’s message has been consistent. Readiness to ensure the business of Defending Ethiopia at any time. “I have noticed that the defence force is in a position to restore peace whenever it is disrupted,” he has said in a remark he made after visiting the Defence Force in Humera. 

“Just like wolves our army attacks in unity, and just like a lion it fiercely defends its territory.” He added

In his earlier trips to the two other militaries based in north Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed told the army to be ready at all times. 

The Ethiopian government this week said that the TPLF is engaged in extensive mobilisation for another round of military campaigns. 

In what was said to be an annual political consultation,  Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Demeke Mekonen, told a European Union representative that despite the humanitarian truce to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid, the TPLF is preparing to make an invasion. 

Another indication of the impending war is that Debretsion Gebremichael, leader of TPLF, wrote an open letter to the UN secretary-general saying that it is considering “other options” for the peaceful way of resolving the conflict is not working. 

Earlier, the Ethiopian government accused the TPLF of not withdrawing all its forces in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

In December 2021, Ethiopian Forces, with the support of FANO and Afar Militia and special forces, dislodged the TPLF forces from most of the Afar and Amhara regions. Abiy Ahmed’s administration ordered a halt to the march to the Tigray region of Ethiopia on grounds of the “long term interests of Ethiopian unity.” 

Many vocal Ethiopians who are active on social media criticised the government at the time saying that the government’s decision will give TPLF a chance to buy time to reorganise its defeated forces and plan another invasion – which seems to be happening at this time. 


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  1. Fano and Amhara militia stay in Welkait.
    Abiy stay out of harassing and plotting against Amhara people. Amhara strength and unity has disturbed and frightened Abiy when he should have been happy if he had good intentions.

  2. All I know is that Guddisa is not a Puerto Rican or Navaho name. It is not an Amhara or Tigre name either and Humera is not in Oromia or Madagascar. He is there protecting citizens who are not Oromos even it means costing his precious life just like his predecessor that fire spitting the late Jagama Kello. Oromumma!!! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Oromumma!! Woof woof!!! Ruff ruff!!! Woof woof!!!! That boogie man Oromumma thing! Woof woof!!! .youtube.com/watch?v=b9xhOQ26QYI&ab_channel=OrchaTheWolf Awwww!!!!!! Woof woof!!!

  3. Ethiopians should marry and have children with every person in Gambella. That is at least 1 million people. It will be good for our unity and prosperity. Sudan and Sudanese people are very special and we can learn a lot from them. More Ethiopians should speak Arabic.

    Sudanese and Somali people look down on Ethiopians and Eritreans. They think we are cheap, dirty, and backstabbers. They might be right, so let’s change ourselves to be better. Start practicing martial Arts and start doing yoga. Also if you can, stop drinking alcohol because many of us are turning into uneducated drunkards.

  4. Let’s see. Abiy starts negotiating with TPLF criminal leaders. He releases masterminds and financiers of TPLF’s war oh aggression against Ethiopians in Gonder, Afar, Wollo and Shoa. He makes concessions depriving Ethiopians of the right to justice, to accountability before the law and the right to live in peace. In return, what does he get from DebreSaytan, more war and more mayhem and murder. What a brilliant negotiator this clown has been. There is no guarantee that this backstabber will not betray people living in the Amhara and Afar regions again. Abiy’s past record is indicative of his future hidden goals and betrayal to advance his Oromumma agenda at the expense of rest of Ethiopians to satisfy the greed, avarice and gluttony of his militant Oromo faction controlling and driving his s corrupt PP party.

  5. Amhara stay out of Oromuma expansion stained in Amhara blood PM Abiy rewards. Abiy is not giving you this reward because he likes you or want to help you but because he is worried and afraid of your united force that will bring more dignity and economic gain to Amhara people.

    The enormous support and sacrifices from FANO and Amhara militia has enabled the Defense force to dislodge the TPLF Terrorist forces from Show Robit and Amhara regions that assured Abiy position and Prosperity Party from fleeing out of Ethiopia.

    The great Defense Force including the Amhara militia and FANO are part of the integral forces that protected Ethiopia and therefore FANO and Amhara militias must stay in Welkait to fend off TPLF Terrorist that has prepared to start another round of invasion and attack on Amhara again.

    PM Abiy has exhibited more than enough unreliable characters and lies and Amhara must not trust of believe anything he says. PM Abiy’s rewards to Amhara forces rapped in Oromuma domination is nothing but a trap to divide and destroy Amhara forces one by one until all including those who received Abiy’s Oromuma rapped blood stained reward are all gone. This cheap Abiy tactic does not measure up with Amhara character, dignity, people and unity.

  6. There are news coming from Debre’s hood about is army. Many who have fled the region told the media that military service is mandatory. Those who have been observing the region believe that Debre and his cabals have assembled a trained army close to a million soldiers. I was not surprised at all. I don’t even want to think about the next possible war. It is going to be the bloodiest battle in recent memory that ever happened in that country. The foreign media has not let up in trying to convince Debre and his generals can decidedly win if a war breaks out again. It portrays the current regime as one collection of inept officials therefore miserably fragile beyond repair. Many among us are doing the same knowingly or otherwise. Some times I start wondering if I have missed something.

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    The person who is responsible for all these crushing price hikes lives in Ethiopia.
    Whoa!!! He is an Ethiopian, Ittu?
    No, he is not an Ethiopian. He is an illegal alien living there. His name is Oromumma!!! I am putting the final touch on my lawsuit. I have lined up all my witnesses.
    Who are your witnesses, Ittu?
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  8. I sometimes wonder where people get the time to write so much gibberish? Perhaps there are a bunch of retirees here with unlimited time on their hands? I’m referring to repeated inane comments here, not the actual article. Also why do these comments need to be about ethnicity: Oromos, Amharas, Tigres, etc.? Why can’t we move away from ethnic squabbles and move towards a wholesome, Ethiopian unity? Makes me sick!


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