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Eka Kotebe Hospital declares no Covid patients in the facility 

Dr. Yared Agidew ( Photo : screenshot from ETV video _


EKa Kotebe hospital discharged the last COVID 19 patient on Thursday. Currently, there are no coronavirus patients in the facility. 

Dr. Yared Agidew, director of the hospital , shared the news on his twitter. He said for the first time in two years, “our hospital spent a day without COVID-19 patient.” 

He advised all Ethiopians to do their part to ensure that Ethiopia is free from Coronavirus pandemic. 

Eka Kotebe Hospital has been serving as the primary COVID-19 patients care centre for the past two years. 

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  1. I told you! I told you!! When you have an over qualified person leading the effort with a very capable team she assembled such result is just a dead giveaway!!! I told you!!!!!

  2. Now back to our own reality here in USA. The daily numbers both in new cases and deaths are surging again. The 7-day average for new cases was around 31,000 just three weeks ago and now it has skyrocketed to around 62,000. This is not fall yet. It is worrisome to me that many among the young generation in our communicated might have shunned all the mitigating steps. For all older generation it is imperative we follow the experts’ advice. Make sure you get vaccinated and boosted. This pathogen is not going anywhere soon. It seems that it has the audacity to sustain itself by replicating itself. May The Almighty Our Creator protect you all from this deadly scourge! Someday it will pass. Insha’Allah!!!


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