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Ethiopia celebrated the 81st anniversary of Victory Day

“The secret of Victory is Patriotism,” Ethiopian President Sahlework Zewde  

Ethiopia _ Victory Day
Picture from the Victory Day celebration at Arat Kilo on May 5, 2022 ( photo credit : EBC)


Ethiopia on Thursday celebrated the 81st anniversary of Victory Day – which marked the final defeat of the invading Fascist Italian after five years of occupation of most parts of Ethiopia. 

In the capital Addis Ababa, it was celebrated near “Dil” (an Amharic word that translates to “victory”) Statue stands in the centre of Arak kilo. 

Surviving Ethiopian Patriots, residents of Addis Ababa, and senior government officials including president Sahlework Zewde attended the celebration. 

This year Ethiopia is celebrating it at a time its unity is being challenged by radical ethnic and religious groups. 

Most of the messages from patriots, government officials, and residents stress the importance of standing together to defeat what many Ethiopians and government officials believe to be radical ethnic and religious groups who are on a mission to implement the external enemy’s agenda to disintegrate Ethiopia. 

“As we have learned from the patriots, the secret of victory is patriotism,” President Sahle Work Zewde said, as reported by state media. 

“For that to happen, we Ethiopians have to support one another,” she added. 

She also stressed that supporting one another and standing together is not a matter of option. She said it should be understood as our obligation. 

Furthermore, she stressed, “We should carry out our day-to-day job in cooperation.”  Another key message that he conveyed during her speech at the ceremony is that all the work that we do for Ethiopia, and in every sector should be approached in the spirit of patriotism. 

Surviving Ethiopian Patriots who happen to attend the celebration at Arat Kilo told Ethiopian News Agency, state media, that forces that do not want Ethiopia’s peace and stability are attempting moves under the cover of religion. “If all Ethiopians stand together, we could overcome the challenge,” they said. 

They added that Ethiopians from all religions paid in blood and life, and the youth should be careful not to be lulled by radical religious groups. 

The youth has a responsibility to maintain Ethiopia as a country and should be extremely cautious not to be diverted by forces with a destruction agenda. 

Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister, on his part, conveyed a brief message on social media sharing his view of patriotism. 

“Patriotism is a sacrifice for a country on issues of truth and conviction. Our heroic mothers and fathers have paid in life to defend their country’s freedom and sovereignty. Today, we honour those paid in life. And we, their children, need to ensure that we are patriots ready to pay sacrifice for our country’s, the fore patriots honoured, prosperity,” he said.  

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