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Addis Ababa city administration to work on “reversing radicalism” 

Adanech Abiebie and her colleagues during the meeting ( Photo : AACA )


Addis Ababa City has completed its performance evaluation for the past nine months.  The Mayor’s office on Thursday announced that it is having a meeting to discuss the outcomes of the performance evaluation. 

City and District levels administration are part of the meeting which aims to plan work for the remaining budget year ( about three months’ time). 

Adanech Abiebie, the Mayor, is cited as saying that the administration will do all it can to achieve goals that were not achieved in the past nine months, overcome challenges and prepare itself for the next budget year. 

As to the focus of the work in the months ahead, she said that the city will work to reverse sentiments of radicalism in the city, ensure peace and security, and address complaints regarding service delivery. She said the leadership should stand together to achieve those goals. 

Meles Alemu, Addis Ababa City Prosperity Party Office Head, said that the city aims to improve the lives of those who are on the bottom of the terms of living standards,  Addis Ababa residents. In that regard, it is aiming to enhance the supply of products in the city and also deal with illegal practices in commercial activities with the aim to ease the cost of living. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was part of the nine months’ performance evaluation of the administration and he criticised the level of corruption and low quality of service delivery. 


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