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Six politicians and security authorities arrested over the incident in Gondar 

Peace and Security authorities in the region engaging with the public ( Photo : AMC)


Six political and security authorities were arrested over last week’s incident in Gondar that claimed at least 14 lives.  

According to a report from Amhara Media Corporation (AMC), the authorities are arrested on alleged grounds of failing to discharge the responsibility to reverse the security crisis that unfolded in the city following what was painted as a clash between two individuals from Islamic and Christian religions. 

Amhara Region Peace and Security, which announced the arrest, said a further “corrective measure” will be taken after consultation with the public and evaluation of the political leadership and security authorities. 

Desalegne Tassew, head of the office, remarked that the followers of the Christian and Islam regions have a tradition of affectionate relations and unity, and had been defending together the country from enemies.  

It is to be recalled that the incident in Gondar triggered a widespread religious conflict across Ethiopia in the past few days.  There was even an incident in the capital Addis Ababa during the celebration of Eid al-Fatir. 

The Ethiopian government is claiming that it has effectively reversed the religious violence that was unfolding in different parts of Ethiopia. 


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  1. egypt will try to use all means to destabilize Ethiopia before it fills GERD during the coming kiremt months. How long should we tolerate this nuisance?

  2. Keep bussing them all in the slammer. The crime committed in Gondar could have far reaching destructive ramifications on that country and the region as a whole. It was a demonic act and demons should not be allowed to roam around in that Allah Blessed country. That country was put in place by The Almighty Our Creator on purpose to show humanity that even after numerous deadly and destructive brouhahas people can still devise ways to live in harmony. That is not a fabrication but it is a fact. Okay bigots! I know you don’t like to hear me say that but for all I know you can jump in the lake and don’t you ever come up!!!!


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