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Ethiopia’s Minimum Wage issue a matter of priority : EHRC

Minimum Wage _ Ethiopia
Workers at the Hawassa Industrial Parking.Image Courtesy:


Recognizing Ethiopia’s move along the path to legislating minimum wage , including the preparation of a legal framework for the Wage Board which draws membership from trade unions and other relevant bodies, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is demanding urgent action on the part of the government to implement them. 

It is one of the occasions of the International Workers Day that the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) urged the Ethiopian government to the establishment of a Wage Board for which a provision was set in the 2019 Labour Proclamation. 

The commission conducted research in 2021 on workers’ income including those working in industrial park facilities and established that even the average monthly income is not adequate to support workers’ life. 

EHRC cited the Ethiopian Statistics Service to highlight that price inflation in Ethiopia grew by 35 per cent for three years in a row and is expected to worsen in light of international and domestic factors including drought and internal displacement of people in the country (due to security situations). 

The full statement from EHRC is available HERE


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  1. Great, so the starting minimum livable wage for Ethiopia should be no less than around 3500 birr/month or roughly $70 US , and will PhD Abiy, economist wanna be, general wanna be, pastor wanna be, decisive leader wanna be, peace maker wanna be, scholar wanna be, builder wanna be, project manager wanna be, traffic police wanna be, negotiator wanna be, war strategist wanna be, national tour guide wanna be, Emperor Menilik wanna be admit this????????

  2. I’m sure we all have family living back home, but do we take care of them? Does it really help to send money every month? If so, how much are we sending? It is important not to spoil them. They must understand how to work efficiently and how to stay ambitious.

    If I send $100 every month, that should be enough to give private school education to multiple children. Similarly, we should only pay to balance the economic inequality for our family members or to send them to university. $1200 a year is very easy to do and I encourage all Ethiopians who live abroad to at least pay this much, if not more. Now imagine if we sent money to strangers, a poor family who we don’t even know. Not only would we change their lives, but we would help make our country a better place.

    Ten families would be $12,000 a year. It is possible.
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!


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