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Abiy Ahmed’s meeting with community in Sekota, members of central command


On the eve of Easter celebration this weekend, Ethiopian PM Abiy visited Sekota, Waghmra zone of the Amhara region, where he had community engagement, and a meeting with members of Central Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force.

Watch video below.

Video : embedded from EBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. The most untrustworthy and unreliable person in the country no Amhara or anybody should believe is Abiy. He should stay out from giving deceitful advice to Amharas. If he cares for Amhara then he start with:

    -Protect Amhara from TPLF aggression and lootings
    -Condemn Genocide of Amhara and looting Amhara wealth and properties by OLF/Shene and TPLF.
    -Condemning what the OLF/Shene is doing to Amhara unarmed civilians in Oromo region.
    -Give Amharas the same rights and protection Amharas gave to Oromos in Amhara regions
    -Appoint Amharas equal chance in key government positions including the Military, Political, Educational and Economical sectors
    -Provide Amhara regions including victims of TPLF Welkait with economical and developmental funds and opportunities
    -Give Amhara children and Universities equal chance to attend good and clean schools.
    – Make real and true population censuses and give funds to Amhara people equal to their population count.
    -Stop demonizing what Amharas dear most, their culture, history and FANO patriots.
    -Stop demolishing Amhara heritage including changing names of respected Amhara historical places.
    – Stop trying to ingulf Addis Ababa with its wealth, centuries old developments built by many different ethnic Ethiopians blood and sweat as All FOR Oromia mania.
    (Oromia should stay in Oromia and make its own history in Wollega, Arsi and etc . Salivating to swallow others history will not work or be taken lightly and without a cost). Addis Ababa and Nazret are built and developed by many different groups. But Oromo cadres are salivating to swallow what many Ethiopians built with their money and sweat. As history tells Oromos are not known for builders of places and cities and there’s is no place known to be built by Oromos. It is not in Oromos culture to build a place and cities because it is a nomadic society in culture. .
    It is manly the Amhara who bled and shed tears to build and teach farming in Ethiopia. Of course it is not to say others did not pay same sacrifices but very low in numbers.


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