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Tigray: 74 aid trucks heading to the region says the Ethiopian government 

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Trucks heading to Tigray region via Afar (Photo : ENA )


The Ethiopian government on Saturday said that 74 trucks with humanitarian assistance are heading to the Tigray region.  

The trucks are travelling to the region via Semera, Afar region of Ethiopia, according to the Government Communication Services Ministry. Six of the trucks are carrying fuel. 

The Ministry said that the government is working, under difficult circumstances, to ensure that Ethiopians in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are getting the aid they need and is also working to create conducive conditions for the delivery of aid. 

This is the third round of aid to the Tigray region since the Ethiopian government declared a humanitarian truce in March 2022. 

Furthermore, the government asked the TPLF to withdraw from Afar and Amhara regions in order to create better conditions for the delivery of aid, and stop disseminating false propaganda. 

 Earlier this week, TPLF chairman, Debretsion Gebremichal, wrote an open letter for the United Nations security general threatening resort to what it called “other means” if the peace option is not working. 

TPLF accused the Ethiopian government of creating hell in the Tigray region. 

Ethiopian Defense Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, in an interview with Ethiopian Media Service, recalled that the Ethiopian government has declared a humanitarian truce but if they [TPLF] resort to war the Defense Force is ready. 

There are reports of a crisis in the Tigray region, and in the views of the Ethiopian Defence Chief of Staff, the TPLF is engaged in a renewed propaganda campaign to divert attention and boost the morale of its forces.  

Unofficial estimates indicate that as many as 370,000 TPLF combatants are killed due to the war that TPLF started in November 2020 when it attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force. 


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  1. Abiy and the UN just delivered weapon and TPLF Tigre looter transportation trucks to Afar and Amhara regions.

    Amharas and Afars hide and keep your prosperities safe away from the evil eyes of TPLF Tigres habitual thieves.
    Protect your precious lives and belongings from Tigrea habitual thieves because they are salivating to come and loot you.

  2. This is great news for the innocent citizens of Tigray. Now the UN should independently verify that this badly needed aid is reaching the hungry citizens of that region. It has to make sure that those with guns are not hauling it away to their barracks. There have been reports by those who fled the region that such supplies were taken away to warehouses owned and controlled by the leaders of the TPLF. I still would like to see the flow of such critical aid to continue into the devastated areas including those in Amhara and Afar regions. One human life is as precious as any other human life on this good earth, nothing more, nothing less!!!

  3. Two gov’t in Ethiopia were so embarrassed or too proud to beg and droughts became famines in Ethiopia. And that was wrong. Donors or the organizations that come to the rescue want something in return even though they don’t say it out loud. Some of them go overboard and act like they donated all that from their own pockets when in reality they are paid very generously in salaries alone from the same donation that was meant to go to the hungry. The real donors are the good people of the rich nations who paid their taxes or donated directly. As much as 90% of the donated money doesn’t go to the hungry according to many independent research and the overhead of some NGO’s is ridiculously high but this is not the time to talk about that.

    The 1973/4 famine in Tigray and Wello contributed a lot to the overthrow of the old monarchy. What bothered the average Ethiopian the most was the fact that the royals were living it out as if nothing happened when Wello and Tigray were famished. Did H/Selassie know exactly how big the famine was? At Dessie Bar in Lideta, a disguised or not yet known Derg member was watching the reaction of the customers to the johnatan Dimblemby film on TV that Sileshi Adugna brought to Derg to see a few months earlier. So it was at least his second time watching that film. Men were crying over their beer and he was satisfied with what he saw. About twenty years later the same DERG member reflected ‘death was so rare in Ethiopia back then’.

    A little over a decade after that, DERG was solidly in power and another round of drought became the biggest famine of the century under DERG’s watch, much worst that the one in 1973/4 to be sure. And now there were liberation fronts fighting the gov’t in the most affected areas. Ethiopia was getting her weapons from the East this time and ‘in the enemy block’ according to the most generous gov’ts. The EAST hasn’t figured out how to prevent famines yet and millions have died there over the decades let alone help Ethiopia. The late Harry Belafonte and Quincy Jones and the Jacksons among other super stars raised millions for Africa. When it was over Ethiopia sent the likes of the late Tilahun Gessesse and Mahmoud Ahmed all over Europe and America to say ‘thank you for helping us’ on people to people tour.

    Mean while the little known rebel group called TPLF learned famine could be a very good thing for him. It is about that time TPLF learned what exactly the West wanted to hear and it was not a dignified ‘people to people band singing and dancing’. Forget it’s Albanian style Stalinist communism or embarrassingly out of this world philosophies that are not even theories of any kind. TPLF discovered some of those ‘good people’ of the west were absolutely corrupt and out right racists but they were in charge of the money that was donated. Racist liberals are the worst kind of racists b/c they know how to disguise their racism and they want the public money to steal from.. And they are too smart to steal it directly but they will defend the thief that stole the money with their direction. And TPLF learned fast and totally forgot it was human. Death doesn’t mean anything to TPLF. The worst general on earth that still believes ‘human wave’ is a way to fight in the past century has over 70 000 Ethiopians dead at Badme war has now bettered his record with 375 000 Tigre youth dead in a year and the racist ‘liberals’ of the west are cheering him on b/c deep inside they believe the black population can be controlled that way. Words are everything. Words told together in one voice is all that matters. TPLF only needs words to convince mothers their children are dying for some glorious agenda but nobody is asking what that agenda is. Tigre is superior to any other Ethiopian seems to be the rallying cry now.

    ‘Tigre is superior to any other Ethiopian’ they keep saying and the racist ‘liberal’ army of the West who is messing up this whole world right now never stop to ask ‘why’. TPLF formed ethnic enclaves in a nation that has at least 80 ethnic groups, some small and some big. And then it turned on Amhara because Amhara is probably five fold than Tigre in population, telling the other groups Amhara was the enemy and TPLF fought for the 78 ethnic groups to be free from Amhara and deserves the biggest pie even though it is representing only six percent of the population. The ‘liberal’ west which is racist in reality liked that theory b/c they thought Ethiopia was always an eye sour for it’s deep tooted racist past and the main problem was Amhara for the independence of Ethiopia. And the proof is the fact the national language is Amharic. The racist ‘liberals’ pretended not noticing TPLF used Amharic to for 27 years of lootings and genocide against Amhara and other Ethiopians.

    Some how TPLF thinks the West owes him for destroying the ‘hated Ethiopian nationalism’ on it’s behalf. TPLF is not even embarrassed for bringing this catastrophe in the first place. TPLF thinks the West should feed Tigray forever while it fights for power in Addis at the cost of tens of thousands of young tigre lives. or sits in power for 27 years stealing 30 billion dollars. TPLF is not worried b/c the mothers of those dead young kids will be ‘compensated’ later on like 111 birr/month in the past and songs of bravado but in the mean time the West needs to feed Tigray and that is an order!


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