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Georgia State Senator Apologises to the American Ethiopian Community for “Hurtful” Resolution

Georgia Senator _ Kim Jackson
Democratic Senator Kim Jackson (photo : From the twitter handle of Senator Kim Jackson)

American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee

Georgia State Senator Apologises to the American Ethiopian Community for “Hurtful” Resolution

Democratic Senator Kim Jackson has apologised to the American Ethiopian community for introducing Resolution 800 to the Georgia General Assembly.

Her comments came at a community event held on April 17th. During a 10 minute speech she said “I’m sorry for the hurt I brought to Ethiopians, for the pain that my resolution brought about. I will take full responsibility for that. There are other senators whose names are on that resolution, but I stand here to take full responsibility.”

In March (31st) Senator Jackson held a press conference with dozens of pro-Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) activists announcing the introduction on Senate Resolution 800. The resolution condemned Ethiopia and included sections that were inaccurate, misinformed and misleading.

The TPLF, the violent insurgency that has been waging a war against Ethiopia since November 2020, has also run an aggressive lobbying effort in Georgia and the US more widely, securing the support of many decision-makers, particularly leading Democrats. However, the group’s efforts to warp the international view of the conflict in Ethiopia have started to be challenged.

Recent efforts by the Ethiopian Government such as announcing a unilateral humanitarian truce, setting up a national dialogue, releasing TPLF prisoners and getting aid through to Tigray have shown their intention to secure lasting peace. The TPLF however, continues to occupy areas in neighbouring regions and still carries out attacks today.

Senator Jackson’s resolution was also solely focused on the situation in Tigray, ignoring the plight of millions of Ethiopians in Afar and Amhara who have been attacked by the TPLF.

The most recent United Nations country update highlights the scale of devastation in those regions:

  • More than 10 million people in Amhara need access to health services and interventions.
  • In Amhara, more than 500 health facilities, and 1,706 health posts damaged and/or looted due to the conflict need rehabilitation and support.
  • In Afar, only 94 health facilities, or 22 per cent of the 414 facilities, are functional, including 2 hospitals and, 31 health centres.

Georgia resident and member of the American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee, Merid Bekele commented:

“We are pleased Senator Jackson has recognised the campaign of misinformation by the TPLF and apologised to the American Ethiopian community.

“The pro-TPLF activists have been aggressive in providing leaders in the United States with a wholly inaccurate picture of the conflict in Ethiopia.

“The community is working hard to untangle that and provide an objective view of the current situation. The truth today is the Ethiopian Government is working around the clock to get aid to those that need it in Tigray, Afar and Ahmara. A ceasefire has been announced and prisoners released. It is the TPLF which continues to attack civilians and which should be facing international condemnation.

“The community expects Senator Jackson to keep her promise to issue a new resolution in the same manner as the previous one, but to ensure it is accurate and supportive of Ethiopia’s democratic journey.”

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  1. Subject: “Georgia State Senator Apologises to the American Ethiopian Community for “Hurtful” Resolution, by American
    Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee PRESS RELEASE, April 22, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 22 Apr 2022
    Sad to say, it is not unusual that “SMART ALECKS” in all sectors of endevour are out to manipulate the majority in order to enlarge their benefit out of innocent and powerless ordinary human beings. Naturally, SMART ALECKS have no feelings for human beings — they are born that way. Just look at, and read about, ALL the dictators around the Globe, especially in the so-called under developed countries. Underdeveloped countries are fertile source for producing such charlatans.
    And the saddest part of it all, the so-called super developed countries around the Globe are the culprits to enrich their own interests at the expense of the UNDERDEVELOPED countries. Indeed, they remain UNDER developed for eternity. Just be honest to yourself and look around.

    I do not wish to close my input without expressing my admiration for QUOTE: “Democratic Senator Kim Jackson [who] has apologised to the American Ethiopian community for introducing Resolution 800 to the Georgia General Assembly.” UNQUOTE. In my opinion she is a GIANT EXAMPLE to all those who benefit out of the underdevelopment of countless people around the world i.e. the greatest CRIME of the WORLD of the POWERFUL without an iota of consequence. What a Cockeyed World!!!

  2. You know those 30 billion in US dollars pilfered between 1991 and 2018 must have been following in the campaign fund of this confused state senator. Otherwise, what does she know about the history of Ethiopia and the noble of people of Amhara and Tigre? Just like the other activist senator from New Jersey Menendez those dollars must have been shoveled into his campaign fund. This is a lesson to those among us who aches when that glorious country aches. Talking and protesting alone may not bring the results needed. Let’s face the fact. All these representatives run expensive campaigns. They must have offices both at their seats and home towns. Those offices must be staffed with fulltime and salaried employees. Their attention must be sought and gained and noticeable campaign contributions must be made. This is not bribing but it is how it works. We have seen it. Rifles Association, Jewish, Indian, women groups and many trade unions all do help their favorite candidates win elections. Kudos to my very dear countrymen/women in the state of Georgia for their extremely valuable effort to save that glorious country that produced us all. Hats off to!!! Now my dear folks from New Jersey, New York, California and other areas should learn from what their colleagues in Georgia achieved. I am not sure if they can get the same result with Menendez as long as those folks in Addis/Finfine keep talking about their solidarity with Cuba. Lucky he is not the secretary of defense or better yet Thank The Almighty he is not the President otherwise the old country could have been dealing with daily sorties by his F-16’s and B-52’s.


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