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Ethiopian gov’t media releases “intercepted” phone conversation between militant Oromo leaders

The Ethiopian government authorities are yet to remark on the alleged leaked audio from radical Oromo leaders 


Days after rumours of division in the leadership rank of the militant Oromo nationalist group, Oromo Liberation Front -Shane (the group calls itself Oromo Liberation Army) ,  which emerged on Twitter, EBC, and Ethiopian State Media, on Thursday released what it called intercepted phone conversation between the leaders of the group. 

And the government seems to think, from what EBC remarked on the alleged leaked audio, that the conversation is an indication of division among Shane leaders. 

The audio, a little over half an hour long, is said to be a conversation between Jal Mero, leader of Shane, and his deputy Yadessa Negassa. 

Without forgetting the important question of whether the audio is a real story of disagreement between the leaders or it was just released for deceptive purposes, the audio raises more questions rather than answers as to what really happened within the radical armed group. 

Jal Mero purportedly said that he is being misunderstood and that there is a lack of discipline within his forces. 

In a reference to his deputy, Jal Mero purportedly said that he is not answering his phone. And when his deputy phoned him in the morning of the day he made the allegedly intercepted phone call, the deputy expressed disagreement over the latest decision ( which is clearly unspecified). 

Take a listen to the embedded /audio/video below :

Based on reports from the public and other media outlets, the OLF-Shane has killed thousands of innocent civilians, mostly ethnic Amhara farming communities, who had been living in the region for generations. 

The group launched the latest string of attacks on civilians in North Shoa, Amhara region of Ethiopia, where it killed as many as seven farmers in the Molale locality. 

The government, both at the Federal and regional levels, had been claiming that “strong measures” had been taken against Shane. 

In an interview with government-owned media earlier this week, the deputy chairman of the ruling Prosperity Party, Adem Farah, confirmed that Shane is in control of about 21 districts in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. He talked in a way to rather dismiss Shane’s control of those areas that could not be seen as a measure of Shane’s military power. And his reasoning goes that there are more than 300 districts in the region. 


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  1. Aby and Prosperity Party stop TPLF war and go after violent ridden Terrorist OLF Shene and TPLF innocent lives murderers, thieves and destructionist,

    Leave alone the well disciplined patriot and peaceful Fano, who saved thousands and million lives, the country and your power. They are loved and cherished by their people for their great sacrifices, deed and peacful services.

  2. If this is true and the phone conversation between these two individuals is real, what an insult to my noble Oromos! This is what I have been saying all along. All these liberations fronts and groups what they need is all the same. All of them want my Oromia with all its untapped natural resources baked, glazed and ready to slice on a silver plate. I don’t care if they call themselves ‘liberation fronts’, ‘associations’, this or that political group they will not rest until they have my Oromia as their own personal fiefdom. They are all street smart alecks. They are all gifted with sharp tongues and know how to hit bull’s eye at the raw emotion of the hapless youth. These days they seem to be desperate for attention therefore becoming more and more reckless. They are saying and writing enraging things about Amhara this and Oromo that. Shane this Fano that, tegaru this federalist that! They kill innocent citizens and call themselves the Robin Hoods? They proved to us that they are humans with sick minds. They are sickening.


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