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US urges TPLF to”further withdrawals from Afar regional state” 

The U.S. government hailed the Afar regional government ,the government of Ethiopia and the TPLF authority for facilitating the delivery of aid to the Tigray region 

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In its latest string of statements on the situation in Ethiopia, which was released on Friday, the U.S. State Department  said “we welcome the withdrawal of Tigrayan forces from Erebti and underscore the importance of further withdrawals from Afar regional state.” 

The United States has been mostly silent about the atrocities that TPLF forces had been committing in the Afar region of Ethiopia -something that has triggered a large-scale humanitarian crisis forcing hundreds of thousands of Afar people to be displaced from their homes and towns. 

The U.S. consistent pressure to secure delivery access via the Afar region while the TPLF has been rampaging parts of the Afar region was a matter on which many Afar activists and politicians had been expressing disenchantment. 

Kontie Mussa, a former senior leader of Afar People’s Party, who is currently an activist, was very vocal on the issue. 

This week, he tweeted: “#UN and #IC have been complaining that delivery of aid was blocked by #Afars. And, #TPLF justified its occupation of #Afar to open up z the corridor for aid. Now aid is flowing through #Afar to #Tigray, but #TPLF has continued its occupation, aggression and destruction. 1/2 ” 

The latest U.S. State Department which called on the TPLF forces to withdraw from the Afar region is seen in a positive light by Afar activists although it remains to be seen if the U.S. said that it means. 

The statement also expressed appreciation for authorities who were involved in making the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Tigray region possible. 

“We appreciate the efforts of the government of Ethiopia, Tigrayan regional authorities, and Afar regional authorities in facilitating that delivery. We also commend the United Nations agencies, international organizations, U.S. government partners, and the ongoing efforts of humanitarian organizations across Ethiopia to provide aid to all those in need. We reiterate the importance of significant, sustained, unconditional, and unhindered humanitarian access to Tigray—as well as to all communities that are suffering, including the people in Afar —and the urgency of the resumption of basic services, including electricity, telecommunications, and banking,” it said. 

1,700 metric tons of humanitarian assistance were delivered to  Tigray earlier this week. 

The war in Northern  Ethiopia started in November 2020 when the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces attacked several bases of the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Forces. 

Last month, the Ethiopian government declared a humanitarian truce,  in what appears to be a demonstration of readiness to end the cessation of hostility, for which the TPLF forces responded positively within hours after the Ethiopian government made the announcement. 

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  1. This is encouraging news. I hope and pray that the leaders there will recover the senses lost and bring peace to the people and also the denied respite to the youth of the country from being used as cannon fodder for this senseless conflict. Absolutely senseless!

  2. The United States and United Kingdom are playing a game with the world. Right now, they are focused on Ethiopia and Eritrea. If they destabilize our region, then they can control Africa. That’s what I call mental slavery. All of these wars are fake.

    How many days do you think the “Tigray Genocide” will last? My guess is 721.

  3. Subject: US urges TPLF to”further withdrawals from Afar regional state”  >>> artificial gesture with a wink!!!!!!!!

    April 17, 2022Humble Commentary, 19 April 2022
    1st and Foremost: It has been repeated endlessly that the solution to African Problem rests upon AFRICANS themselves — never on outside Forces.

    2nd. The DAY Africa depends on itself, the World Masters, that we know so well, will go berzerk, as the World has never witnessed. Oh Lord!!!! Black Man challenging a White Man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! Lord! !!!!

    3rd. We may even see a bizarre situation where ‘selected ‘ Black Africans go to mourning for losing their pocket money i.e. power, as a consequence, from the relationship with the World Masters. Under normal circumstances, this would be a SHAME but in our dear Black Africa of Today, it is a norm. In fact, it can be argued that AFRICA dose no longer belong to Africans. It was ‘gone with the wind’ a long time ago. Ask the Superior African Black Scholars of the HIGHEST INTELLECT, parallel — if not more — than the a well known White Intellectual around the Globe.

    4th. If the above is too rough for didgesting, as the insightful Ethiopian everlasting wisdom goes: “HERE IS THE HORSE ; AND HERE IS THE VAST FIELD” . No need to say more. THE END


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