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Ethiopia: Authorities say 240 gunmen surrendered in Benishangul Gumuz 

Provisional zone level administration claim up to 500 gunmen had surrendered to government forces so far

Benishangul _ Gunmen
Google map shows Metekel region of Benishangul Gumuz region


Ethiopian authorities are claiming that 240 gunmen operating in the Benishangul Gumuz region, the western part of Ethiopia, have surrendered.  

It is the Command Post, a provisional state of the emergency administrative body with a combination of military and civilian authorities installed in areas where there is a serious security problem, that announced it on Saturday, according to a DW Amharic report published on Sunday. 

On the other hand, there are voices from opposition parties operating in the region who are claiming that the command post has attacked civilians. 

The Gumuz Democratic Movement claimed, as reported by DW Amharic, that the command post inflicted damage on civilians in Dangur, Dibati, and Bullen districts of the Metekel zone. 

The opposition has been implicated in having links with the gunmen. The party denies that it has links to the armed opposition ( In the Oromo region, the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist party, has been denying links with the militant groups in the same way). 

DW Amharic cited the Kamashi zone provisional administration to report that so far over 500 gunmen had surrendered. 

Zone authorities have been warning that it will take measures against those illegally armed groups who fail to surrender to resort to a peaceful life. 

The DW Amharic report added that the security situation in the Kamashi zone of the region, where there had been recurring security problems that affected civilians, is improving. 

Most parts of the region have been under a state of emergency administration of the Command Post for well over a year now. 

Borkena has extensively covered organised atrocities in the region that targeted ethnic Amhara farming communities who had been living in the region for several decades. 

Thousands had been killed and hundreds of thousands were displaced from the region. At some point last year, the Federal and regional governments admitted that officials in the government structure had been facilitating the attacks for the gunmen operating in the Benishangul Gumuz and Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

In fact, the Benishangul Gumuz region had been at times serving as a ground where radical ethnic Oromo nationalist militants, the government calls them “Shane” and they call themselves “Oromo Liberation Army,” organise and train which usually ends up in massacring innocent civilians. 

There was a time when the gunmen launched a brutal massacre soon after the Ethiopian Prime Minister returned from the area where he went to discuss security problems in the region. 


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  1. The area is close to GERD so Egypt, Sudan and other western enemies who wish to dismember Ethiopia work very hard there. This PP government may be colluding with them, otherwise how can dull shane and arrow-era gumuz cause so much concern? Somewher, someone has to be accounted and the problem should be solved – militarily. Otherwise, the goal of these prehistoric goons is to disrupt GERD and then dismantle Ethiopia! And does the clueless PP see this coming?

  2. Ethiopians should marry more with Benishangul and Gambella. Most of them can speak Amharic. That is the true andinet. Although, that could cause their people to become extinct. I wonder what Gumuz think about that.

  3. Hey people nowhere to look for the dirty coward evil OLF-Shene. Shene is OPP-OLF government itself!! Abiy is OPP/OLF and Shene. Shene is nothing compared to TPLF yet Shene is well and alive doing the dirty work of Abiy and OLF.

    Amahara, Afar,Somali, Gambella, Southern nation prepare and save your people and country from Ethiopia hater Abiy/Shene/OLF ignorant bushmen thugs.

    OLF Shene who are very few in numbers and hated by Shewa Oromos and many peaceful Oromos did not become the problem without PP invisible aiding hands.
    Everyone knows those PP-violent wing OLF-Shene live and work in offices and everywhere with normal individuals. They get tips and information from government where to go, where to loot, and when to attack and do their ugly uncivilized dirty work.

    Otherwise how does bushmen OLF Shene carries the black weapons seized and taken from Fano is used by bushmen Shene?
    How can Shene is running around causing murder and destruction in plain view when Shemelis Abdissa just vowed to clean them out within one month? Shemelis Abdissa is talking the opposite. Meaning to unleash them on Amhara and Afar in bid to steal and grab more land.
    -OPP/OLF/hene government’s blind Greed, Ignorance and hate for Ethiopia is costing and wasting so many lives, time and resources.
    -OPP/OLF/Shene government is engaged in destroying historical places such as the Ethio-Djibouti railroad, Ras Mekonen, Bridge area, La Gare and other beautiful and already developed historical areas instead of building and developing undeveloped areas.
    OPP/OLF/Shene Abiy government has replaced Amhara and the area residents by brining and settling 40000 Oromos at the GERD in order to steal and loot the benefit and the land.

    Ethiopians who were lined up in front of the Russian Embassy proved their dissatisfaction against OPP/OLF/Shene government by readyness to fitght and die for whatever cause they believed. Those people now should turn their effort to fight and remove the Oromo Dominated OPP/OLF/Shene violent undemocratic apartheid regime that has made their lives unbearable and difficult to live.


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