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Great Street Iftar organised in Dessie for a second time

Street Iftar _ Dessie
A feature of Great Street Iftar in Dessie ( Photo : SM)


The Youth Muslim Association in Dessie, a city in North Central Ethiopia prominent for its harmonious relationship between Christians and Muslims, among other things, on Friday, organized the second Grand Street Iftar Program. 

The main street in the city along Piazza was crowded all the way to the junction to the city’s sports facility place – Hotie – according to reports from the city. 

As was the case in the past, Christians and religious leaders from the Christian Community in the city were part of the event. 

The city was under Tigray People’s Liberation Front )TPLF) control for about five weeks in November 2021 and this year’s Great Street Ifar in the city is also meant to heal the social and psychological trauma that the group caused in the city. 

Sheikh Indris Beshir, the City’s Mejlis Chairperson, is cited as saying “The Great Iftar Program is organised with the intention to heal the Psychological trauma on our people due to the war and restore to its excellence and reinforce unity and togetherness the city is known for,”  as reported by Fana. 

Representatives of the City Administration and religious leaders from other faith groups have attended the event. 

Street Iftar events have become common in Ethiopia in recent years. The Ethiopian government is also organising events for  the muslim communities. 

Earlier this week, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed organised an Iftar program at the Palace for Ethiopian migrants who returned from Saudi Arabia. 

On Sunday, President Sahlework Zewde organised another Iftar event for Ethiopians at the National palace. She encouraged participants to extend support to those Ethiopians who need support. 


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