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What Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told his military Commanders

Ethiopian PM seems to concerned that political activists and political cadres will challenge the unity of the Defence Force 

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during a meeting with Military commanders on April 14, 2020 in Addis Ababa (Photo : screenshot from the video)


The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed,  on Thursday met with high ranking military officers in the capital Addis Ababa.

“The purpose of the briefing is to reflect on not only what we have recently but also to assess the situations we were in, and identify our next path,” Abiy said at the beginning of the briefing. He stretched as far back as the 1974 revolutionary situation in the country during his discussion about political matters.

The state media had published the video of the meeting. 

A day before the meeting, the military generals were taken to a tour of projects recently completed, including the new building of the intelligence office and the Ethiopian Air force. 

In an over an hour meeting with the general, the Prime Minister explained what his government has been doing in the political and economic sector since he took office in 2020.

Much of his explanation focused on what he portrayed as a promising economic prospect Ethiopia has by enhancing foreign trade through the export of agricultural and mineral resources. He was particularly passionate about the prospect of exporting wheat in about two years time from now. 

He talked in an optimistic tone that Ethiopia could achieve development like most Asian countries in the next two or three decades provided that it is staying the course. 

He also talked about security challenges from the Oromo Liberation Front – Shane, as the government, calls it. What he wanted to paint in that regard is an image of normalcy. He said there were times when the EPRDF government did not have control in all parts of Ethiopia. He was making a point that the current challenge from OLF-Shane should not be seen as something new. 

However, he highlighted what OLF-shane is doing in the parts of Oromo region of Ethiopia where it is operating. In Wenchi , one of the three areas where there is a national development project that targets tourism activity,  the armed group has destroyed machineries used in the infrastructure work. He described it as something that will harm the farming community in the area that will benefit from the project. 

Abiy Ahmed did not spare the politics too. He attempted to highlight the evolution of political movements in Ethiopia starting from the era of the 1974 revolution and  the “Land to the Tiller” movement. 

The issue of “nationals and nationalities,” as it is called since the TPLF took power in 1991, he said, was first raised during the Derg time but it is the EPRDF that has addressed them. He added that they were not fully addressed – something with which he explained recent demands to ethnic based statehood like Sidama and Gurage. 

But the key message for the military commanders as far as politics is concerned is that “don’t listen to this or that political activists or cadre.” He asked the military officers not to give them room and promote unity in the defence force. 

No question and answer session was seen from the video published by state media. However, some military commanders were seen speaking to  state media journalists after the meeting, and they seem to have a positive impression of the meeting. 

Watch the video below


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  1. I think the writer of this story meant to say ‘the armed group has destroyed machineries used in the infrastructure work.’ not ‘mercenaries’. I don’t think it destroys itself

  2. I see here some parallel with Putin. Putin slowly decimated strong oppositions and created fake ones; he controlled the media and got rid of those which don’t follow the dictate; preached rosy situation about the country; allowed few to become extremely rich ; has taken control of the military; did brutal war against sny armed group and now he is the sole executive and no one speak up against his transgressions. I pray he become merciful dictator.

  3. It is better to have such dictators than lunatics from Minnesota brandishing their ethnic sword to cut heads of this or that ethnic group. What sort of hatred has entered into the soul of these satanic creatures? God forgive!!!

  4. Is the Junta coming out!!! It looks like Abiy is reminiscing Junta dictator Mengistu. Now lost credibility and trust because of the OPDP/OLF with its invisible creature trained and armed to kill at nights, living in Oromia among innocent people death and destruction machine aka Shene relentless lies and deceits he is now devising new ways to save his power.

  5. Let’s take the words of this talkative, motor mouth so called PMs at face value. This Abiy dude, mumbled that wheat production has reached 25 million quintals. Great!!! Reality, 25,000,000 x 100 kg= 2,500,000,000 kg annual production. Per capital wheat I.e amount produced per Ethiopian soul= 2,500,000,000/115,000,000=about 21 kg per person per year= 1.75 kg per person per month= NOT ENOUGH TO FEED THE NATION.

    For comparison, wheat production in US averages about 43000 per year in 1000 Metric tons= 43000x1000x1000= 43,000,000,000 kg.

    Bottom line, this guy talks and talks about a pie in the sky or to use the common parlance “Lam alegne be semaye wotetwan yemalye” I.e “have a cow in the sky whose milk I will never see to enjoy”.

    The funniest part of this fool’s talk was his prediction in I think he said 2035, of the Ethiopian economy being one of the G20s.

    Hahahaha, Abiy, do you have any abilities to add and subtract? Just basic math, nothing complicated, Mr Oromumma first, fake wanna be Ethiopian.

    Also look around yourself Mr Prime minister, you are surrounded with iq challenged Oromo militants and yes men and women sycophants. So what you think is your genius mind speaking is coming out utterly ridiculous and painfully funny.

  6. Freedom and justice and a lack of corruption will allow all people to prosper.
    Open up access to Starlink internet in 2023.

  7. There is a possibility that Ethiopia will always be involved in some type of civil war, as agreed upon by the UN and our political leaders. So what does that mean for the children? Please avoid talking about war with your kids. Let them grow up and have a normal childhood. Politics is the most dangerous game.

    In fact, do everything you can to protect their innocence. For those of you living in Western countries, perhaps consider moving to China or Singapore . From what I see, the diaspora living in the US, UK, and Canada are not doing so well. Many of their children have become drug addicts and criminals. They lost their Ethiopian identity to become Black, ghetto, or African.

    If you must stay in America, then pay the money for private school. Emphasis on technology and S.T.E.M. programs. Even someone like yourself can go back to school. Our people have grown stagnant and are settling with taxi and Uber jobs. There is nothing more important than education! Knowledge will save our future.

  8. There is NO Government in Ethiopia. Abiy/OLF/Shene is ONE Criminal wanted in ICC!!!

    Abiy is criminal OLF Shena and the savage barbaric OLF Shene is Abiy himself!!! Save Ethio-Djibouti historical train railroad from the Godless, looter, murderous, who is engaged in destroying great historical places and heritage ignorant Abiy and OLF gang of criminals!

    Stop OLF and Abiy from stealing land, land grab and murdering Amhara, Somali and Afar people!

    This criminal monster must be sued and taken to ICC.

    He is creating crisis and chaos and unfit to lead even a small village. He might as well wear OLF wig and join the coward OLF Shene who uses darkness as a shield to kill innocents and unarmed Amhara women and children. Immediately

    Amharas, Somalis, Afars, Southerners and Gambella should unite and protect themselves from the hungry looter and criminal barbaric groups and save their families and country. Do not wait or give more time. Act NOW!!


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