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Oromo Federalist Congress seem to be in a dangerous systematic mobilisation for war

Oromo Federalist Congress makes accusations against the Amhara region in connection with alleged land grab and expansion to the Oromo region. 

Oromo Federalist Congress


The Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) on Monday released a statement that rather sounds like a systematic mobilisation for war alleging land grab in Oromia regional state by forces supported and orchestrated by Amhara regional state. 

It is a statement from the executive committee of OFC, an ethnic Oromo nationalist party that has been radicalising the past few years under the cover of “peaceful struggle,” and is written in Oromo and Amharic languages. 

 OFC framed its statement as something that came out of a meeting called to discuss “the current situation in the country.” 

First, it made claims that the war between the Federal government against what Oromo Federalist Congress called the “Oromo Liberation Army” is something that blurs the hope for peace. “It makes the country vulnerable to additional danger rather than bringing about solutions,” OFC said. 

The solution is political, it added, and advised the government to resort to peaceful means to resolve the problem in the Oromo region of Ethiopia – just like the effort to resolve “the problem in the northern part of the country.” 

However, the second point that OFC raised, which the statement discussed in detail, made numerous unsubstantiated claims of “land grab,” by the Amhara regional state. 

“From recent reports that are made public, it is understandable that Armed forces originating from Amhara regional state have been undertaking land grabs in different areas of Oromia by transgressing recognized boundaries of Oromia,” it said. 

Furthermore, it made claims that these armed groups displaced farming communities from their land holdings and killed the civilian population. Reference is made to places like East Wollega ( and that is one of the places where the Federal government is in a combat operation against the militant wing of Oromo Liberation Front or what OFC referred to as Oromo Liberation Army), Horo Guduru, North Shoa, West Shoa, and East Shoa. 

“We have learned from our members and local communities that it [killing of farming communities and the land grab] is underway in a coordinated manner. Statements from Armed Ambara forces testify that,” said OFC without citing media through which the alleged statements were aired or published. 

OFC also made claims about “indications” that the radical forces, which are said to be operating without recognition from Amhara regional state, as the statement indicated, are not doing it without support from Amhara Regional State. 

In an attempt to substantiate this point, OFC cited that “Amhara region special forces have seized over 280 hectares of  land in North Shoa by displacing Oromia farmers.” 

In East Shoa, Fentale District, OFC added, “lands that belonged to Kereyu and Itu Oromo for centuries have been seized and that signboards have been placed to make it appear that the area is within the Amhara region.”  It is public that the authorities in the Amhara region are undertaking the land grab and expansion, OFC claimed. 

“The development is something that will lead to an open war between the brotherly people of the two regions”, OLF said. 

Amhara regional state is yet to respond to the allegations from Oromo Federalist Congress. 

OFC has been opposing the effort for national reconciliation in the country on alleged grounds of lack of inclusivity. The party has been criticised for not condemning the ceaseless massacre of ethnic Amhara farming communities living in the Wollega region of Ethiopia, among many other areas, by the radical Oromo militant group which OLF refers to as the Oromo Liberation Army. 

The purpose of releasing a statement that could rather turn out to be an inciting one in a country where radicalised ethnic nationalist groups have been targeting civilians sounds irresponsible rather. 


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  1. What a shame and horrible historical criminal mess!!! OPDO and all Oromo political elites are hungry and impatient to steal and loot Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia. They are attacking Amharas because they are the most feared in the number of population. They want to attack Amhara first because the rest will be easy to go after once they put Amhara people under control.

    This OPDO group or any of the Oromo party never issued a statement of condemnation about the barbarity of OLF aka Shene against the people of Amhara in Wollega and various part of Ethiopia.

    As if the Genocide and looting of Amhara is not disguising crime now they are adding more insult on the injury. They are engaged in greed and criminal behaviors worse than TPLF against the whole population of Ethiopia. Even after repeated attacks for over three years the Oromuma OPDO, OLF elites and parties have now raised the criminal elements by provoking Amharas to be at war with the peaceful Oromo people all cooked by Oromo elites.

  2. In a fractured Ethiopia, the first group that will implode from within, will be non other than the Oromo. The Oromos have never been a homogenous group. The region Oromia is also a nonexistent, Utopian, unicorn in the sky carved out by TPLF thugs and Oromo sycophants. The Oromo cannot keep attacking and displacing, the Amharas, Tigreans, the Somalis, the Afars, the Gurages, the Sidamas. Why is Abdi Illay still in prison when masterminds of TPLF aggression against Ethiopia have been set free? Answer: because Abdi Illay stood up for his defenseless Somali brothers and sisters forcefully displaced , massacred by militant Oromo expansionist who stole Somalian land and traditional settlement areas by force. Again, the centuries of Oromo militant land grubs and ethnic annihilation of various non Oromo ethnic groups including the Dewaro bear testimony to the elephant in the room. Oromo greed, gluttony, barbarism, anti-Ethiopian militancy first and foremost will consume none other than the Oromo.

    How sad and how embarrassing is for the Abiy group that the group he just set free after so much chaos and bloodshed in Ethiopia, the Jawars and Geribas, and the Merrara Godanas of OFC do not want peace but war among themselves and among rest of Ethiopians. The astute Oromos who grasp that the OFC cannot and will not deliver an iota of benefit to the Oromo must totally abandon this failed Oromumma pipe dream of Abiy and his clique and vouch for an Ethiopia where everyone can live in peace and harmony as an individual citizen with rights recognized and enshrined in a new Ethiopian constitution that makes sense.

  3. There will never be peace while OPDO/OLF aka Shene is running the country. They are ringleaders of violence and chaos. Not fit to bring peace and democracy!

    Those thugs must be ousted by popular protest including from Oromia. Because the Oromo political groups and elites are at each others throat they want to spill their differences, fights and violence to Amhara region and people.

    The blatantly arrogance and ignorant OPDO politics is playing in plainview for everyone to watch. When they dare to accuse Abiy’s victims (Amharas) by the Oromia lawless murderous administration for attacking Oromos in Wollega nothing explains well for OPDO being outright lairs and murderers who are trying to cover up the 4 years of Genocide campaign on innocent and unarmed Amharas in Wollega and various parts of Ethiopia. OPDO aka OLF and Shene are unfit to rule even a small village.


    The oldest, enviable, free, liberated country in the world — ETHIOPIA — is now fidgiting to cut itself into pieces.
    Presumably, that will make her “happy” having tired of being a free and historically studded World-Wide Country in the World.
    In other words, Ethiopia is tired of being a FREE country — thus, being hungry for being shredded into pieces!!!
    The legendary WISE RUBBIT was correct: “le sew mott anesew” clumsy translation: “to Man, death is not enough”

    OK, ETHIOPIA, go ahead and immersed yourself in the gutter and ENJOY, to your hearts content. It seems to be your recent obsession. Go ahead, try it — but don’t cry. Take it like a hero who enjoys diving into the gutter.


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