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Sun Halo seen in Ethiopia , elated religious Ethiopians

Sun Halo _ Ethiopia _ Rodas
Rodas Tadesse pointing to Sun Halo


A picture of Sun Halo seen in Ethiopia on Thursday has been circulating on social media.  The incident has attracted the attention of astronomy enthusiasts and religious faithful – especially those from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

Scientists call it  “22-degree halos,” as indicated in earthsky.com publication. 

The scientific explanation, as indicated in the publication, is that it is a refraction of tiny ice crystal particles in the clouds. 

The explanation to the one seen in Ethiopia is mostly religious which may not be surprising from the fact that over 98  percent of Ethiopians are believers. 

Rodas Tadesse an astronomy enthusiast, who described himself as Author – Tutor/ Teacher – Philologist, ( he also a preaches in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church)  made 42 minutes of video explanation about the Sun halo looking at it from traditional, religious as well as scientific trajectories. Watch his video below. 



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