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Ethiopian Muslims mobilising Eid Homecoming 

Ethiopian Airlines has introduced a 20 percent discount for Eid Homecoming 

Eid Homecoming  _ Ethiopia
Image credit : Ethiopian Airlines


Ethiopian Muslims are mobilising Ethiopians for Eid Homecoming. Millions of Ethiopian Muslims live outside of Ethiopia, mostly in the Gulf region. 

The initiative is similar to the one that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed initiated during the Ethiopian Christmas as the country was facing punitive sanctions from the west in connection with the war in the northern part of Ethiopia. 

Mufti Hajjii Omar Idris, from  Ethiopia’s Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, reportedly expressed delight over the call for Ethiopian Eid Celebration. 

For him, it is “an opportunity to show our unity and brotherhood.” 

“He invited Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origins in the Diaspora, and friends of Ethiopia to reaffirm solidarity with fellow Ethiopians and support people affected by conflict and drought,”  as reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian Airlines has introduced a 20 percent discount for the occasion. The discount is valid both for the economy and business class travellers coming to Ethiopia in response to Eid-Homecoming 


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  1. Subject: Ethiopian Muslims mobilising Eid Homecoming,, April 7, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 8 April 2022
    It is a fantastic initiative to solidify the UNITY and the longest INDEPENDENCE of a COUNTRY in the WORLD.
    Indeed, Ethiopians have natural obligation to retain the admirable longest history of the Black African Nation — ETHIOPIA
    Disunity is self-hatched crime — uncharacteristic of ETHIOPIA but hatched by envious outside forces for time immemorial — and still is going on. Open history books. BLACK AFRICA was never free from the attention of outside forces for their own
    DEEP envious motive but never for the owners of Africa as human beings. Never, for THE BLACK PEOPLE. NEVER!!!

    ANY TOOL Is USED TO DIVIDE AFRICA. Look around. You do not need magnifying glass !!!!!!! That is how Ethiopia is being manipulated to its bones. YOUR CHOICE, ETHIOPIANS.

  2. The biggest fools are the OPDO/OLF aka Shene who are destroying their own history and country. Those few fools can not see anything far from their nose. Immediate gain and benefit at any cost is the idea of OPDO/OLF. Muslim now is taking the turn for attack.
    Every peace loving people must stay in solidarity whenever the other is attacked in order to stop violence aided by the government itself. People are the winner.

    Abiy Ahmed never managed to lead in peace and economical growth. All his attention and efforts are wasted in useless projects that has not benefited and raised the quality of life in Ethiopia. His 3+ in power cost so many innocent Amhara lives by the violent wing of OPDO/OLF aka Shene.

    Now this violence is growing, coming up with premeditated false accusations, and planning to take more Amhara, Somali and other ethic regions to make the Great Oromia wishful thinking.


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