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Electric pole theft – another form of challenge Ethiopia facing 

Electric Pole Theft _ Oromia _ Ethiopia
Ethiopia has been facing pervasive theft of electric poles – especially in the Oromia region. Photo shows damage from the latest theft in the Assela line. (credit : EEP)


The form and intensity of corruption Ethiopia is facing are unprecedented.  It is not government officials and members of the business community (with some exception) that are mired in deep corrupt practices in the country. 

The degree of theft and robbery outside of those structures has turned out to be a challenge and is standing in Ethiopia’s way to the development effort. 

When the Derg government collapsed in 1991 and the army disbanded, it was not uncommon to see well-armed troops from the disbanding army politely beg fellow citizens for help instead of resorting to armed robbery.  The moral fabric was still strong. 

After 27 years of TPLF rule and after 4 years of Abiy Ahmed’s administration, armed groups with alleged “political cause” will not hesitate to slaughter children, women, and elders and call their action “struggle.” 

The prevalent theft of Electric poles in the country is another quintessential example that demonstrates very well the moral crisis that Ethiopia is facing. In consequence, retarding the development efforts of the country. 

The latest incident, which happened just yesterday, in that regard, as reported by state media EBC, is that Electric poles carrying power lines between Awash 2 and Assela ( both in what is now the Oromia region of Ethiopia) had been stolen. 

In consequence, areas in Dodota and Gera town are without power, as confirmed by the government.  The government said that it has deployed maintenance workers in the area but it will take at least one week before the areas get power. 

Apart from draining public resources, the impact it has on the community (not to mention productivity ) is evident. 

Ethiopian Electric Power has been asking for cooperation from the public to help stop Electric pole thefts but it has not been a success so far. 


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  1. Shene wil not leave any single ‘neftegna’ from leaving its so-called tribal homeland (which it itself usurped from other tribes) unless their spokesman Abiy leaves the power house.

  2. Noting is surprising when it comes to overtly daylight OLF Abiy lead by Abiy government and at night covertly Shene savages. Electric pole theft is nothing compared to the hundred thousands of Amhara lives and properties including land stolen by the covert/overt OLF Abiy/Shimeles criminals operation.

  3. It is simply the saddest news item.
    For this to happen in one of the Ancient Independent Black African Country on the Globe is simply mind boggling and disheartening.
    Where is the “CHEWANNET” ?!?!?
    This is simply “BILGINNA”, a taboo in Decent Ethiopia.
    What happened to ETHIOPIA of ‘YESTERYEAR ‘ !?!?
    It is a shame to Ethiopians against the sadly DELIGHTFUL PROOF OF OTHERS who would love to label BLACK AFRICANS as SAVAGES, for eternity. They got their top proof from an ancient country named “ETHIOPIA”. What a shame.


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