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Ethiopian Media Service the New brand, says ESAT International 

Ethiopian Media Service soliciting funds with the aim to finance transmissions in Ethiopia  

Ethiopian Media Services new logo ( Source : EMS)


ESAT International on Wednesday announced that it has rebranded itself as Ethiopian Media Services. 

The decision to change the name came due to, said the Board of the new Ethiopian Media Services,  a court case filed against ESAT International, in Ethiopia, in connection with brand ownership of what was once regarded by many Ethiopians as the primary media tool in the struggle against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) media repression before it lost domination in central Ethiopia. 

Feedback from the support base and audience to change the name instead of indulging in a legal battle with the entity that is claiming ownership of the ESAT brand was another reason the decision, according to Ethiopian  Media Services Board.

Furthermore, it said that the legal procedures in the United States were followed in the process of the brand change. 

“We would like to announce that the name ‘ESAT International’  is changed to EMS (Ethiopian Media Services) starting from March 30, 2022. It was done in accordance with US law,” The Board said in a brief statement that was shared on social media. 

With regards to social media accounts, it said that the accounts on Youtube, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and other accounts that were using the name ESAT International will now be using the name EMS.

In what seems to be an effort to straighten out the issue of financing the new entity, EMS called upon all its supporters to continue donation on GoFundMe. 

The campaign on GoFundMe, which was launched on  March 22, 2022, has so far raised well over $93,000 and the initial $100,000 bar is raised to $150. 

EMS is aiming, from the statement it shared on social media, to launch transmission in Ethiopia via Balageru Television – a process that was stalled due to the legal battle with ESAT brand owners who are mostly based in Ethiopia. 

It was last week that ESAT international announced that it has parted ways with ESAT Management and Board, mostly based in Ethiopia. 

The Board and Management blamed the split on ESAT International which now became Ethiopian Media Services. 


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  1. Abiy mouth pieces and accomplices of Oromo zone police, militia and Shene criminals nobody wants. All those losers’ and useless information disseminators are testing the flavor of Abiy’t toxic drink.

    • This is crazy, every Ethiopian if true Ethiopian must fight to change the name back to Esat as it should be called. If no one supports this then most Ethiopian do not count yourself as Ethiopian but another liberation front entities like tplf and olf. Look at the derogatory term in the new name. Esat must reform to broadcast only Ethiopian issue remaining neutral from taki g any sides.

  2. ESAT as a diaspora based media, has been playing a leading role in enlightening and mobilizing Ethiopians against the fascist and racist rule of the TPLF. Its role is commendable and rebranding itself as EMS will enable it to strengthen itself and serve the public as a free media.

    • The name Esat should have continued by adding some other word to it. Tomorrow, you will be told to change the name Ethiopia and you will oblige.

  3. Supporting ESAT or its wounded new wing is not a scale of measure ones Ethiopianness. Actually dropping and ignoring those kind of useless information disseminators should be treated as good informed Ethiopiawinet. That will send message to others who are engaged in such anti-Ethiopiawinet activities.
    Well fake Ethiopianiszm is an outdated game played by Abiy, and his paid supporter cadres.

    Many Ethiopians mainly Amharas including Afar whose culture had been fighting, protecting and selflessly dying for country and its people had been had by fake Ethiopians for their evil purpose. Now the selfish Oromuma “Addis Ababa and Amhara land KEGNA” has removed its flesh and showing its bare bones in our face. That was the exact case of the resent deadly violence by the Violent OLF-Shene accompanied by Oromia Militias in Amhara zone, North Shewa, Minjar area where Shimelis Abdissa called it East Showa, Oromia.

    At the same time although too late Amharas are rudely awakened and realized they are in existential threat. Abiy’s government is not a real government that uphold and rules by the rule of law but a hidden tentacle of violent OLF-Shene.

    The selflessness and for and to Ethiopia culture no longer works because the plot against Amhara and Orthodox Christian is deep and at its initial stage. They have not seen the worse yet even after witnessing the four years of Genocide and ethnic cleansing crimes by Oromonuma Abiy and PP violent wing OLF-Shene.

    The only option left for Amhara first is self-protecting and never trust the greedy brutal Oromonuma Abiy, Addis Ababa and Amhara land Kegna .

  4. The name makes no difference to Ethiopians. If TPLF thugs and Abiy and his militant Oromo thugs and sycophants think, usurping ESAT will change the critical scrutiny of their murderous dilemma and stupor, all Ethiopians will ask you to think again. The failed pm Abiy has been exposed as a foolish sociopath and psychopath who thought with his puny brain and his sociopathic buddies of the likes of Butcher Bekelech Geriba, Jawar the Hyena, Shimeles Sahmeless Abdissa, Adanech Asamemech Abebe, Yilekal Wushetu, Debezeze Mekonnen, Agegnehu Lebenetu etc could fool Ethiopians. In a matter of supernatural justice from the One Above, all these thugs including TPLF butchers DebreSeytan, Hilenaw Worede, Vodkaw Getachew etc are all wallowing in their filth, conspiring to outsmart one another, control one another, eliminate one another. They will all evaporate soon to the hell scum from where they hatched out or to the snake infested rocks and cave from which they popped out.

    A much more critical, forceful and effective anti Abiy, anti TPLF, anti Oromumma, anti Fascist, anti tribalis Ethiopian media will be rebuilt on the ashes of the old ESAT which was stolen by Abiy. This fool, the amount of money and Ethiopian peoples political capital he wasted, his sudden fall from grace, his total fracturing and unmasking before 100 million people is amazing. He thought he could hoodwink, lie, “confuse and convince” the intelligent people of Ethiopia with his one digit IQ hate and inferior to complex fried brain. Listen to all the OLF militant PP thieves in government . They are all unraveling and do not know what to grasp and hold. Their internal disputes and rivalries alone will implode them from the inside. They are also cowards. Ethiopians should remember Evil does not last. Looking back at history, this period is similar to the internal deregulation rivalry period. The degree rotted from inside out and turned on itself. That is what is happening to the former EPRDF, current PP and TPLF, the internal carnage , finger pointing, scapegoating, acrobatic maneuvering all have begun and will escalate until the demise of the Abiy regime that betrayed Ethiopians of all ethnic groups including millions of gullible Oromo innocents.

    Here are some catchy titles for the new Ethiopian Media Services:
    1) Ethiopia Berhan Media (EBM)
    2) Haqena Feteh Le Ethiopia Media (HFEM)
    3) YeEthiopia Netsanet Wazema

    Contribute on the name and branding. The funding can and should reach at least $500,000 US. There should be no more contributions to any Abiy Ahmed associated or linked groups from diaspora. Raising $500,000 us should not take that much effort. This guy has to go. He is the impediment to peace, stability, equality, progress, and the rule of law in Ethiopia.


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