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Ethiopian Ombudsman threatens to take agency to parliament over grade 12 result

The Ombudsman called the way the Federal Government Examination Agency handled complaints over Grade 12 result undemocratic. The issue has mainly affected students from Afar and Amhara

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The Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman earlier this week said that it will take the Grade 12 examination result complaints to the Ethiopian parliament if The National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency fails to address the issues. 

According to the VOA Amharic service report, on Thursday, the Ombudsman said that the Federal examination agency has to provide a convincing response to the complaints of students. 

If that is not happening, the Ombudsman seeks to take the matter to the House of People’s Representatives.  The Ombudsman believes that the way the agency is handling the matter is “undemocratic.” 

More than 20,000 students filed complaints about the result. While the agency admitted that there was an error during grading the exams, it changed the results of about 599 students only. 

The remaining complaints were rejected by the agency. A finding from the Ombudsman investigation this week revealed the complaints received only were given generic responses despite the unique nature of the complaints. 

Furthermore, The Ombudsman Institution found out that students were not granted access to The National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency office to follow up their complaint and were directed to the Ministry of Education with the claim that the matter falls within the portfolio of the Ministry only to be turned down by the latter who, in turn, claimed that it is the agency’s responsibility. 

Apart from errors in grading the exam, students, who wrote the exams in the parts of Ethiopia that were affected by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front military campaigns ( in the Afar and Amhara regions), are protesting that the required grade to join university should be adjusted in consideration of the well-known security situation that they were facing for months. 


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  1. Targeting education, the despicable Abiy regime now wants to destroy our children’s futures!! All of us must unite against Abiy Ahmeds tyranny!!

  2. Why are Abiy and Berhanu Nega afraid of Amhara students? Why do they target Amhara students who respect education and civilization. The plan is deep and very evil. Amharas must reject, fight and refuse to be suppressed!!!!

    It is outrageous and horrible to find people calling themselves ruler Abiy and Professors Berhanu committing Intellectual Genocide against exceptionally intelligent Amhara students in an attempt to stop them from getting higher education and to hold them back from the economic sectors.

    In the shadow and behind the smokescreen of the Tigray conflict, Amharas are victims of repeated massacres in total silence and impunity and now it has reached to another peak in the education secotr.

    In the most educated and civilized world where more people are educated if one student grade score falsely gets bad score it receives great attention and public outrages. Here where educated people are in short supply, the so called Professor Berhanu who teached in the US and supposed to know better about education and student is using his position to suppress educational opportunities to ethnic Amharas closing doors on Amhara exceptional students intellects. Abiy-Berhanu Combo are the main tool and generator of ignorance and ethnic Amhara Genociders.


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